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985118150130 30-Jan-2015 03-Mar-2015 repair of mig/mag welding plant tenders
985018150130 30-Jan-2015 03-Mar-2015 repair of plasma cutting machine tenders
984018150130 30-Jan-2015 11-Mar-2015 (a) thorough repair of badminton court at sgh & (b) thorough repair of toilet at qrh under sse/w/c tenders
983818150130 30-Jan-2015 10-Mar-2015 rewiring of type ii quarters 124 units at east colony, (part c). tenders
983118150130 30-Jan-2015 10-Mar-2015 hiring of one non-ac light vehicle (scorpio/tata safari grand/inova/xylo)for two years. tenders
982918150130 30-Jan-2015 10-Mar-2015 hiring of 01 (one) light vehicle (non-ac) for electrical department, for 24 months. tenders
982618150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 tester with standard accessories for measurement of vibration of traction motor bearing similar to tenders
982518150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 brake oil mak bf or equivalent. []., quantity unit -715 ltrs tenders
982418150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 bleaching powder stable to is 1065/89 [2nd revision] gr.-1 with minimum available chlorine percent tenders
982318150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 copper catenary dropper clip with fasteners ri no.1192 mod-c as per rdso specification tenders
982218150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 transmission oil mak atfa or equivalent. []., quantity unit -715 ltrs tenders
982118150130 30-Jan-2015 18-Mar-2015 modified flag banner red 1.5 x 0.75m of terry cotton cloth red shade complete with white lining in tenders
982018150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 corton steel sheets, thickness 2.0mm and width 1500mm. []., quantity unit -10 mt tenders
981918150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 over head online inspection with video recording system for current collection as per rdso specifi tenders
981818150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 flat bed press electric heated pneumatically operated size 750 x 1500 mm. flat powerful suction bl tenders
981718150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 1. tube steel seamless heavy grade 26/34 mm as per is:1239 part 1: 2004 is :1239 pt-1 2004. qnty.- tenders
981618150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 bag cash leather large copper riveted 200mmx300mm with 8 brass eyelets for railway coaches is: 303 tenders
981518150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 digital handy cam detail description and specification as per annexure-b. []., quantity unit -07 n tenders
981418150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 bush as per rdso drg. no. wd-92081-s-57, item-5, alt.-10. material bronze to is:306. []., quantity tenders
981318150130 30-Jan-2015 17-Mar-2015 digital multimeter detailed description and specification attached as per annexure- a attached. [] tenders
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