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861018141218 18-Dec-2014 10-Jan-2015 topographical survey and rapid socio economic survey tenders
860918141218 18-Dec-2014 29-Dec-2014 to purchase led tv, quilt and quilt cover for faculty guest house tenders
859818141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 providing and fixing children play appretus in ward no.60 rz tenders
859718141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 providing and fixing children play appretus in ward no.58 rz tenders
858618141218 18-Dec-2014 26-Dec-2014 hiring of vehicles tenders
858218141218 18-Dec-2014 19-Dec-2014 watch & ward services in different areas of / (through e-tendering) tenders
854818141218 18-Dec-2014 30-Dec-2014 annual maintenance contract for minor electrical repair and supply of electrical fitting/accessori tenders
852918141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 improvement of live stock market at slaughter house . (s) sh:- consultancy services for soil inves tenders
848718141218 18-Dec-2014 23-Dec-2014 shifting of semi high mast pole main road in ward no. 254 under (north) zone tenders
843518141218 18-Dec-2014 24-Dec-2014 restoration of road cut from h. no. 135 to h. no.104 chandu park and i tenders
840118141218 18-Dec-2014 19-Dec-2014 repairing of submersible pump tenders
840018141218 18-Dec-2014 19-Dec-2014 repairing of semi high mast poles tenders
838718141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 repair of boundary wall of park in baq kaday khan in c-75 spz tenders
835318141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 re-developmemt of park in g-block near 40-50 dilshad colony in ward no. 240 (n) zone tenders
834318141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 re devlopment of park m-15 ward no.58 zone tenders
834218141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 re devlopment of park a-108 ward no. 60 zone tenders
834118141218 18-Dec-2014 22-Dec-2014 re devlopment of park a-/219 and a-5/76 janta flat ward no.58 zone tenders
830918141218 18-Dec-2014 05-Jan-2015 purchase of two medical refrigerators & one deep freezer for microbiology department tenders
830718141218 18-Dec-2014 05-Jan-2015 purchase of printer ribbon and cartridge tenders
830618141218 18-Dec-2014 29-Dec-2014 purchase of opthalamic motorized o.t. table & motorized surgeon chair tenders
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