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1076618161206 06-Dec-2016 03-Jan-2017 ball bearing 6306 c3 size 30 x 72 x 19 mm
1028316161206 06-Dec-2016 07-Dec-2016 engagement of agency for detailed coal exploration and preparation of geological report for develo
1022516161206 06-Dec-2016 12-Dec-2016 construction of high level bridge at chainage 2.489 10.607 21.481 main road
1014916161206 06-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2016 procurement of 340 mt of atomized aluminium powder for sru road and sru bhandaridah
1013916161206 06-Dec-2016 07-Dec-2016 installation of auto air fuel control system in kiln no 1, 2, 5 and 6
1010018161206 06-Dec-2016 11-Jan-2017 replacement of automatic signalling system in betweeen installation , testing and commissioning wi
1009918161206 06-Dec-2016 10-Jan-2017 comprehensive annual maintenance contract (amc) of smps based ips systems (m/s statcon -make)15 no
1009818161206 06-Dec-2016 10-Jan-2017 annual maintenance contract (amc) of 31 nos. dataloggers (m/s efftronics -make) for 03(three) year
1008518161206 06-Dec-2016 14-Dec-2016 complete set of cartridge head suitable for plotter machine make hp, model t610 consisting of the
1005716161206 06-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 beautification and conservation of bada talab
1003616161206 06-Dec-2016 15-Dec-2016 hiring short term consultant to prepare dpr on slwm
996816161206 06-Dec-2016 08-Dec-2016 engagement of project management consultant for construction of nigam headqauters building
995216161206 06-Dec-2016 06-Dec-2016 engaged in manufacturing selling of mobile toilet mounted with 10 seater 10 nos 8 nos toilets, 1 n
994916161206 06-Dec-2016 12-Dec-2016 domestic tour operator at visitor area nitb of birsa munda
994716161206 06-Dec-2016 08-Dec-2016 utility shifting of distribution pipe line under kankari rural piped water supply scheme under
992018161206 06-Dec-2016 20-Jan-2017 construction of gate goomties at manned lc gates 05nos.( rbk-23,42,43 and pb-3 & 7 ) in rksn-pdp
987618161206 06-Dec-2016 20-Jan-2017 construction of limitted height subway/rub in lieu of existing un-manned level crossing at km 310/
987616161206 06-Dec-2016 17-Dec-2016 supply of food grain, vegetable, fruits
986318161206 06-Dec-2016 17-Jan-2017 sectional signalling maintenance contract work in the section under aste/cpu for a period of one y
986216161206 06-Dec-2016 22-Dec-2016 renovation of main building strenthing of compound wall borring construction of approach road and
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