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1153618150425 25-Apr-2015 16-May-2015 procurement of spares for 182m marion rope shovel (01item) tenders
1153118150425 25-Apr-2015 13-May-2015 rv tape pvc tape etc tenders
1152418150425 25-Apr-2015 27-Apr-2015 spares for d.d.v. screen corrigendum
1150718150425 25-Apr-2015 15-May-2015 replacement, supply and installation of 12 numbers of ep 42 a/h, 12 volts (each), smf batteries of tenders
1150018150425 25-Apr-2015 23-May-2015 procurement of different type of fans tenders
1149818150425 25-Apr-2015 15-May-2015 cement capsule tenders
1149718150425 25-Apr-2015 27-Apr-2015 maintenance of any siding corrigendum
1149618150425 25-Apr-2015 18-May-2015 for supply of low maintenance lead acid starter batteries/valve regulated sealed / maintenance fre tenders
1149518150425 25-Apr-2015 29-Apr-2015 supply of 8t mobile crane 04 nos as per the scope of supply with technical specification attached corrigendum
1149418150425 25-Apr-2015 05-May-2015 repairing and overhauling of elge make transformer oil filtration machine of dbocp. tenders
1149118150425 25-Apr-2015 25-Apr-2015 construction of toilets in various schools in including subsequent maintenance of 5 years under sw corrigendum
1149018150425 25-Apr-2015 29-Apr-2015 deepening and construction of steps/ghat at bhago bandh and lal bandh, maniadih in tundi circle by corrigendum
1148918150425 25-Apr-2015 28-Apr-2015 thorough repairing of miners quarters under bastacolla, lodna, ewz and wwz areas of corrigendum
592218150425 25-Apr-2015 05-May-2015 for empanelment for supply of general items/ stationery items/ registers / other misc. items etc. tenders
591518150425 25-Apr-2015 08-May-2015 annual maintenance contract of all electrical system of coal handling plant and ash handling plant tenders
327117150425 25-Apr-2015 21-May-2015 supply of spares of elecon make feeder breaker. tenders
326717150425 25-Apr-2015 21-May-2015 reinforced rubber lined fire hose 63 mm dia with elastomeric coating conforming to is: 638/1988 ty tenders
301417150425 25-Apr-2015 15-May-2015 auction sale of blast furnace granulated slag auction
258617150425 25-Apr-2015 30-Apr-2015 supply of copper cathode corrigendum
244217150425 25-Apr-2015 08-May-2015 installation of solar pump tenders
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