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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
439016141022 22-Oct-2014 24-Oct-2014 auction of misc scrap auction
438916141022 22-Oct-2014 24-Oct-2014 auction of melting scrap auction
438816141022 22-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 auction of misc and melting scrap auction
438716141022 22-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 auction of misc and capital scrap auction
437416141022 22-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 auction of pm plate rt 75(b) auction
392217141022 22-Oct-2014 20-Nov-2014 supply and installation of 4 nos advance ese lighting arrestor tenders
391917141022 22-Oct-2014 20-Nov-2014 recondition complete repairing of one elecon make gear box model kcn-400 ratio 25/1 tenders
390517141022 22-Oct-2014 14-Nov-2014 proposed construction of hostel building tenders
383417141022 22-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 supply of table, almirah, chair, executive chair tenders
379617141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 procurement of ayush medicine tenders
378617141022 22-Oct-2014 25-Nov-2014 construction of jack well 6.00 m dia. with approach bridge, raw water pumping machinery raw water tenders
373717141022 22-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 construction of bridge in replacement of existing narrow masonry arch culvert including its approa tenders
371817141022 22-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 supply, installation and maintenance of computer hardware, on-line ups and networking equipments tenders
360417141022 22-Oct-2014 28-Nov-2014 complete erection, testing and commissioning of 33 kv double circuit transmission line from raghun tenders
354517141022 22-Oct-2014 25-Nov-2014 construction of jack well 6.00 m dia with approach bridge, raw water pumping machinery vt pump, ra tenders
341417141022 22-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 appointment of consultants for project management and construction supervision for design build op tenders
336417141022 22-Oct-2014 18-Nov-2014 providing support services in the recruitment process recruit around 4000 qualified personals degr tenders
329117141022 22-Oct-2014 21-Nov-2014 supply of medical store items tenders
322117141022 22-Oct-2014 07-Nov-2014 construction of bridge tenders
321517141022 22-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 construction of road tenders
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