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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1662218170225 25-Feb-2017 N/A bangalore metro rail project - line r6
1644618170225 25-Feb-2017 03-Mar-2017 workstation intel quad core xeon processor
1643618170225 25-Feb-2017 10-Mar-2017 p/s hss extra long drill dia8.3,oal480 , p/s hss drill dia 8.3 x 400 fl x 480 oal ,as per drg no (
1643318170225 25-Feb-2017 13-Mar-2017 sealed tenders are invited for supply, erection, testing, commissioning of the scientific equipmen
1614918170225 25-Feb-2017 03-Mar-2017 supply of 1 no. emcee make digital conductivity meter at bpcl, installation
1611018170225 25-Feb-2017 09-Mar-2017 trinocular stereozoom microscope
1610018170225 25-Feb-2017 13-Mar-2017 programmable dc power supply
1608218170225 25-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 for supply and installation of computers at , cte ,
1608018170225 25-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 procurement of lattice structure for pgcil and project
1599918170225 25-Feb-2017 07-Mar-2017 transport ventilator for patient transfer unit (ptu)
1599818170225 25-Feb-2017 07-Mar-2017 supply of toner cartridges and laser drum of brother printer
1597918170225 25-Feb-2017 07-Mar-2017 ammonium per sulphate
1597818170225 25-Feb-2017 07-Mar-2017 potassium hydroxide lr grade
1597718170225 25-Feb-2017 08-Mar-2017 upgradation of computers on buy back
1597618170225 25-Feb-2017 08-Mar-2017 bush
1597518170225 25-Feb-2017 08-Mar-2017 heat sink
1597418170225 25-Feb-2017 15-Mar-2017 proposal - 12 ssb bangalore for installation of modular works station and wall mounted cupboards
1596518170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 case(rc)
1596418170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 cover
1596318170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 cover
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