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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
425052150331 31-Mar-2015 10-Apr-2015 providing heavy duty motorized vertical/horizontal steel sliding doors tenders
420052150331 31-Mar-2015 06-Apr-2015 sale of assets tenders
413052150331 31-Mar-2015 15-Apr-2015 sale of movable and immovable property corrigendum
411052150331 31-Mar-2015 13-Apr-2015 procurement of long & short delay detonators. ind699 tenders
407052150331 31-Mar-2015 09-Apr-2015 test tools tenders
361052150331 31-Mar-2015 08-Apr-2015 purchase of residential flats tenders
359052150331 31-Mar-2015 10-Apr-2015 installation of isolation transformer, providing copper plate earthing and providing lightning pro tenders
337052150331 31-Mar-2015 20-Apr-2015 procurement of reflective safety jackets ind712, various sizes & types of steel items, cotton canva tenders
335052150331 31-Mar-2015 20-Apr-2015 setting up of 100 tph plant with 2 number of ball mills of each 50 tph capacity, including gravity tenders
246052150331 31-Mar-2015 15-Apr-2015 improvements to road and drain tenders
208052150331 31-Mar-2015 22-Apr-2015 supply and installation of desktop computer systems under buy back basis. tenders
733817150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 providing and laying of cc road tenders
733717150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 construction of compound wall tenders
733617150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 construction of rcc drain and cross drainage tenders
733517150331 31-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 improvements to hindu burial ground tenders
733417150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 pot filling and re-carpeting to bituminous road(continued) tenders
733317150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 development of park tenders
733217150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 devlopment of vaishyas burial ground at kottur tenders
733117150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 construction of rcc drain and cross drainage tenders
733017150331 31-Mar-2015 28-Apr-2015 supply and fixing of light emitting diode tenders
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