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1525218170330 30-Mar-2017 30-Mar-2017 colony road concreting
1525118170330 30-Mar-2017 07-Apr-2017 supply of new heavy duty worm and pinion with screw rod painting of existing shutter and hoisting
1525018170330 30-Mar-2017 17-Apr-2017 supply of electronic total station ets, global positioning system, gis software
1524918170330 30-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 renovation of panchayath stadium (balance work) gp under annual plan 2016-17
1524818170330 30-Mar-2017 04-Apr-2017 supply of solar battery
1524718170330 30-Mar-2017 12-Apr-2017 construction of panchayath office cabin and related facilities at gramapanchayath
1524618170330 30-Mar-2017 10-Apr-2017 supply of 6 lakh nos. polycarbonate seals for ddugjy scheme
1524518170330 30-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 supply of 2000 kgs tinned copper wire 0.5mm dia
1524418170330 30-Mar-2017 06-Apr-2017 mace of qwss sasthamcotta drought 2017 replacing the back wash water valve (300 to 400mm) for 22 m
1524318170330 30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 deposit work tirur municipality pipe line extension in ward 13, road, met road of
1524218170330 30-Mar-2017 30-Mar-2017 kummil grama panchayath 2016- 17 retarring of ayurveda hospital road
1524118170330 30-Mar-2017 15-Apr-2017 maintenance of check dam across meenachil river at town in municipality
1524018170330 30-Mar-2017 15-Apr-2017 toilet construction, lab renovation
1523918170330 30-Mar-2017 04-Apr-2017 material recovery center construction
1523818170330 30-Mar-2017 05-Apr-2017 conveyance of cement
1523718170330 30-Mar-2017 10-Apr-2017 mirpa -revamping of li schemes-repairs to li scheme at adichery in panchayath,
1523618170330 30-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 construction of no 88 anganavadi building in ward 25
1523518170330 30-Mar-2017 15-Apr-2017 purchase of school bus for velliyode school under district panchayath
1523418170330 30-Mar-2017 07-Apr-2017 side drain construction
1523318170330 30-Mar-2017 07-Apr-2017 drain work
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