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1556616170628 28-Jun-2017 17-Jul-2017 auction of the property
1556516170628 28-Jun-2017 24-Jul-2017 auction of the property
1556416170628 28-Jun-2017 24-Jul-2017 auction of the property
1556316170628 28-Jun-2017 24-Jul-2017 auction of the property
1556216170628 28-Jun-2017 24-Jul-2017 auction of the property
1552916170628 28-Jun-2017 11-Jul-2017 construction of additional dormitories for unit boys and unit girls g and 1 including internal wat
1543216170628 28-Jun-2017 07-Jul-2017 heat exchanger
1543116170628 28-Jun-2017 25-Jul-2017 adobe acrobat software for editing and combining pdfs
1543016170628 28-Jun-2017 25-Jul-2017 origin pro 2017 software for scientific plotting and analyses
1542916170628 28-Jun-2017 25-Jul-2017 l2 stackable managed poe gigabit switch
1542816170628 28-Jun-2017 05-Jul-2017 procurement of smart kit
1542716170628 28-Jun-2017 10-Jul-2017 bagging, handling and loading of product (np 20:20) at fact-cochin division at ambalamedu
1542616170628 28-Jun-2017 12-Jul-2017 fire fighting equipments- co2 gas cartridge of 60 gms capacity for afff extn, extn fire co2 , 2kg
1542516170628 28-Jun-2017 12-Jul-2017 asd crit items- torch cell dry 1.5 v lechlance(leak proof cells), soap toilet
1520116170628 28-Jun-2017 06-Jul-2017 for couplers
1520016170628 28-Jun-2017 24-Jul-2017 supply of mr2l valve for ud
1519916170628 28-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 liquid anhydrous ammonia (fertiliser grade), fully refrigerated at minus 33 deg. c
1505816170628 28-Jun-2017 06-Jul-2017 for couplers
1505716170628 28-Jun-2017 18-Jul-2017 hdpe tarpaulenes
1505616170628 28-Jun-2017 27-Jul-2017 non contact ac voltage detector
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