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1355816161209 09-Dec-2016 12-Jan-2017 supply of mechanical measuring intruments
1355716161209 09-Dec-2016 11-Jan-2017 supply of house wire pvc 10 pair cable (0.5 mm) dia. qty. 50 km
1355616161209 09-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 supply of spares for secondary coal crusher at chpa m1, cstps
1355516161209 09-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 supply of tough synthetic elastomeric polymer alloy (thorplas) guide vane bushes for bottom side &
1355416161209 09-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 supply of 49 workers for cleaning turbhe depot & terminus
1355316161209 09-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 supply of 27 workers for cleaning asudgaon depot & terminus
1355216161209 09-Dec-2016 29-Dec-2016 supply, installation and commissioning of street light poles within gtps colony premises.
1355116161209 09-Dec-2016 29-Dec-2016 supply of various type of fire extinguishers & co2 gas cartridges for 500mw khaperkheda tps.
1355016161209 09-Dec-2016 24-Dec-2016 supply of ht/lt cables for restoration of input power supply for new esp under u 6 r project at th
1354916161209 09-Dec-2016 24-Dec-2016 supply of 02 nos air cooled suspended magnet with self cleaning scraper and control panel at conve
1354816161209 09-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 supply,installation,testing,commissioning and operation of 11000 lpm discharge capacity at 45 mtrs
1354716161209 09-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 work of 22 kv supply modification at gtps residential colony
1354616161209 09-Dec-2016 23-Dec-2016 supply of gumboots for gtps
1354516161209 09-Dec-2016 22-Dec-2016 supply of oil, grease & coolant
1354416161209 09-Dec-2016 22-Dec-2016 supply of aluminium sheet & chequred sheet
1354316161209 09-Dec-2016 22-Dec-2016 supply of aluminium sheet & chequred sheet
1354216161209 09-Dec-2016 21-Dec-2016 supply of personal computers, laser printers & ups
1354116161209 09-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2016 supply of 16 gvw vehicular chassis for installation of hook loader machine (4 nos.)
1354016161209 09-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2016 supply of high pressure hydraulic pumps
1353916161209 09-Dec-2016 18-Dec-2016 supply of various ss hoses for tps 660mw.
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