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851818150327 27-Mar-2015 27-Mar-2015 supply flanges, nozzles , fittings and relevant test tenders
851418150327 27-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015 supply of kammprofile gasket 4inch x 300 x4mm thk,gasket,61nch x 300 x 4mm thk,ss316l kammprofile tenders
851318150327 27-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015 supply of ceramic fibre and glass fibre gasket and ropes for reactor in gfec tenders
850718150327 27-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 amc valve reconditioning during normal shutdown period tenders
850618150327 27-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 amc for machining of exchanger components and tube sheets tenders
850518150327 27-Mar-2015 02-Apr-2015 procurement of dimethy disulphide( dmds) chemical for dhds reactors tenders
850418150327 27-Mar-2015 02-Apr-2015 chair repair tenders
849518150327 27-Mar-2015 06-Apr-2015 for carrying out electrcial m and r works tenders
849318150327 27-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 supply of cuni exchanger tubes tenders
848618150327 27-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 for turnkey supply, installation, commissioning and 5 yrs amc for 258 kwp capacity, grid interacti corrigendum
848318150327 27-Mar-2015 13-Apr-2015 for the supply of additives( di and vm) tenders
848218150327 27-Mar-2015 13-Apr-2015 supply of additive in drums for hpcl tenders
846318150327 27-Mar-2015 04-Apr-2015 for the supply of light liquid paraffin i.p. qty. : 45,000 ltrs. (3 tankers) tenders
845618150327 27-Mar-2015 20-Apr-2015 supply, installation & commissioning of 72 station electronic carousel for bpcl, lpg plant tenders
845418150327 27-Mar-2015 15-Apr-2015 for cleaning of glass/acp pannels of homi bhabha block fa ade (internal & external area) arc contr tenders
845218150327 27-Mar-2015 17-Apr-2015 special repairs of road km.0/000 tenders
845118150327 27-Mar-2015 17-Apr-2015 special repairs of road km 4/000 to 7/000 tenders
843718150327 27-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 construction of parking sheed and surrounding development work & renovation of pump house tenders
843518150327 27-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 operation and maintenance to nhava sheva water supply scheme, stage-i, tenders
843218150327 27-Mar-2015 13-Apr-2015 for acquiring (ground floor) premises for branch tenders
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