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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
546118140920 20-Sep-2014 10-Oct-2014 provn of security fencing and boundary wall in sec-iii area at shillong tenders
536318140920 20-Sep-2014 27-Sep-2014 provision of pcc approach near bldg no 191 at umroi military station under age (i) umroi tenders
534518140920 20-Sep-2014 04-Oct-2014 periodical services to smq and welcome maintenance at hq eac u af under ge i af shillong tenders
527218140920 20-Sep-2014 25-Sep-2014 special repair to rewiring in bldg no. 117, 118, 119, 124, p67, p68, p-66, 366, 367, 369, 370, 402 tenders
513918140920 20-Sep-2014 13-Oct-2014 comprehensive welcome maintenance of internal electrification at various locations at hq eac u af tenders
511018140920 20-Sep-2014 16-Oct-2014 repair/replacement of post top lantren flood lights, solar lights,highmast light inclunding replac tenders
480418140920 20-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 periodical services in certain bldgs of otm accn zone-i at umroi military station under age (i) um tenders
443318140920 20-Sep-2014 26-Sep-2014 external periodical services and roof painting to omq/smq at hq eac(u), under ge(i)(af) shillong corrigendum
430018140920 20-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 periodical services to certain otm accn pl of zone-iii at umroi military station under age(i) umro tenders
428418140920 20-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 periodical services to certain md accn of zone-iii at umroi military station under age(i) umroi tenders
422818140920 20-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 repairs to flooring/tiling in toilet, bath and kitchen, joineries, sanitary fittings, plastering, tenders
418918140920 20-Sep-2014 15-Oct-2014 repair / replacement of internal wiring including mcb, dbs and allied works at otm/md accn at 509 tenders
418052140920 20-Sep-2014 22-Sep-2014 auction for sale of vehicle auction
413518140920 20-Sep-2014 30-Sep-2014 periodical services (external / internal ) like snowcem , distempering , white wash in otm at hq e corrigendum
409218140920 20-Sep-2014 18-Oct-2014 repair/replacement of storage type water heater pvc tank and allied works tenders
402018140920 20-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 special rpr to street light fittings at arc, happy valley, shillong under ge shillong tenders
326052140920 20-Sep-2014 10-Oct-2014 providing of un-interrupted power supply system (ups) tenders
322052140920 20-Sep-2014 10-Oct-2014 providing of total security antivirus solution tenders
359516140920 20-Sep-2014 15-Oct-2014 procurement of registered bag label with pre-printed barcode tenders
357316140920 20-Sep-2014 24-Sep-2014 improvement of sports barrack no 02 at bsf campus tenders
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