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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1344916170821 21-Aug-2017 21-Sep-2017 setting up of eight modular ots
1344816170821 21-Aug-2017 06-Sep-2017 for group health insurance policy for students of rgiim shillong.
1310216170821 21-Aug-2017 26-Aug-2017 for supply of essential medicines injection for the fy 2017-18
1310116170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 supply and installation including two years annual maintenance charges of drdo bio-digester toilet
1203216170821 21-Aug-2017 09-Sep-2017 repairs of floors/tiles pvc flooring, cgi sheet rolling shutter, plaster, block work chajjas plint
687718170821 21-Aug-2017 04-Sep-2017 lot no: lot no.01 lot name: miscellaneous items, lot desc :float rectifier cum battery charger (up
533818170821 21-Aug-2017 01-Sep-2017 repair and maintenance of lt network lt panels earthing
533718170821 21-Aug-2017 01-Sep-2017 provn of solar water heater in certain otm accn
533618170821 21-Aug-2017 26-Aug-2017 for local purchase of stores-1.photostate paper jk f/s (75 gsm) 2."pencil carbon paper ((210 x 330
533518170821 21-Aug-2017 30-Aug-2017 provn of deficient instant water heaters (geysers) in command building
874416170821 21-Aug-2017 28-Sep-2017 supply of laboratory equipments, drilling accessories, survey equipments, tents & tarpaulin etc, p
857916170821 21-Aug-2017 15-Sep-2017 it security audit
641416170821 21-Aug-2017 30-Aug-2017 quotation for consultancy services for structural design and preparation of structural drawings fo
608516170821 21-Aug-2017 23-Aug-2017 job work."(a) m&l for water proof joint of submersible cable complete all as directed - 08 jobs (b
608416170821 21-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 supply construction ballast 400 watt cat part no-bjos400 of bajaj or equivalent model m
607916170821 21-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 quotation for supply order. bip tap 15mm pvc make :prayag/parryware/jaquar plain sheet glass 3mm t
607816170821 21-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 quotation for supply order.ball valve 20mm dia ptmt with epoxy coated aluminium rod & high-density
607716170821 21-Aug-2017 21-Aug-2017 quotation for supply order. plastic tarfelt (aap membrane) make stp/iwl ltd flash strip 100 mm wid
607316170821 21-Aug-2017 21-Aug-2017 repair maintenance of internal wiring with fitting and fixtures dbs etc
607216170821 21-Aug-2017 21-Aug-2017 quotation for supply order.envelope size 7" x 5" white (as per sample) envelope size 10" x 5" brow
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