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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
584516160504 04-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 12 lot name: mt tyre/ tube items
584416160504 04-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 11 lot name: mt spare parts items
584316160504 04-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 10 lot name: mt misc items, lot desc :items like plastic stool, tutor spe axer, pipe motor
584216160504 04-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 9 pcb grp :[used spent/burnt oil/used lube oil/used engine oil] lot name: mt burnt oil
584116160504 04-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 8 pcb grp :[used batteries/lead acid batteries/lead acid cells & lead scrap] lot name: wt/
78017160504 04-May-2016 23-May-2016 live line & offline installation & commissioning of opgw cables and associated hardware fittings.
1128716160503 03-May-2016 05-Dec-2016 repairing of the boundary wall of the back side of old type-iii qtrs and water tank at icar umiam
1128616160503 03-May-2016 05-Dec-2016 replacement of cgi sheet and repairing white washing painting of store house of upland at icar umi
1128516160503 03-May-2016 18-May-2016 tender replacement of underground cable wire at agriculture extension division of icar umiam
556116160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 5 lot name: qm ( snow/ei clothing) items
556016160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 4 lot name: qm (utensil) items, lot desc :1) tawa 45 main set, qty: 1 no. 2) small vessel,
555916160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 3 lot name: qm (tent age) items, lot desc :1) extendable tent with frame, qty: 1 no. 2) ex
555816160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 2 lot name: qm (gia) items, lot desc :items like desert spoon, aluminum tray,chiller, fry
555716160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 1 lot name: qm misc items, lot desc :items like umbrella(small), thermoss steel 1.6 ml, st
555516160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 7 pcb grp :[e-waste] lot name: wt (misc), lot desc :1) lg tv model no.rt-29fc80vw slno.505
555416160503 03-May-2016 30-May-2016 lot no: 6 lot name: qm (furniture/trg) items
541318160503 03-May-2016 16-May-2016 special repairs to flooring of meditation hall of bldg no p 345 room no 177 at bldg no p-251 and p
100052160503 03-May-2016 11-May-2016 supply of 10,000 nos. of 3w led based solar lanterns in the state of meghalaya
1228816160502 02-May-2016 16-May-2016 consultancy services for architectural and structural design for provn of certain otm accn and ext
781016160502 02-May-2016 26-May-2016 lot no: 9 lot name: w.t major equipment
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