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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1211718170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 for annual maintenance contract of computer cpu monitor key board and mouse ups and printers for t
1211618170218 18-Feb-2017 09-Mar-2017 occupational therapy equipments
1211518170218 18-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 provision of vitrified floor tiling in nhs, aizwal, mizoram
698052170218 18-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 annual maintenance contract of computer cpu monitor key board & mouse ups, and printers for the fy
805318170217 17-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 special repair of ibb road, sh providing and running mahendra bolero or equivalent diesel inspecti
1669016170217 17-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 purchase of instruments for strengthening of dental department at civil hospital, and district hos
975916170216 16-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 purchase of equipment and furniture for mizoram collage of nursing
840016170216 16-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 purchase of hospital instruments for district hospitals within under nedp project
1348618170214 14-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 provn of wall paneling at bldg not-611atcijw school vairengte under ge silchar
1087918170214 14-Feb-2017 18-Feb-2017 biowaste disposal system
811118170214 14-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 for supply of stores- lime, paint premium gloss enamel , 20 ltrs, acrylic distemper packed in 10 k
811018170214 14-Feb-2017 25-Feb-2017 for supply of stores- planks hardwood, scantling hardwood
586516170213 13-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 purchase of equipment and furniture for mizoram college of nursing
558616170213 13-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 for supply of spares- shaft, seal kit, bushing, plunger, cyl head, gasket, o ring, air filter, brk
76517170213 13-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 irqp from km 28/00 to 37/00 on nh 102b ne bualpui to ngopa sector in the state sh : ne bualpui to
76017170213 13-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 pr from 100/00 km to 130/00 km on nh 150 in the state
75817170213 13-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 irqp of nh 154 from km 105/00 to km 119/00 in state
70817170213 13-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 road safety works like road signages culvert etc on nh 102 b saichal to ngopa in the state for the
427018170206 06-Feb-2017 02-Mar-2017 provision of retaining wall, road side drain, hard standing, pathway, soakage well, soakage pit an
522616170206 06-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 irqp of nh - 302 from km 30/00 to km 60/00 pachang to sihphir section
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