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712316151130 30-Nov-2015 07-Dec-2015 providing deep borewell with submersible pump for water supply of tc of 11 bn itbp Share
695016151130 30-Nov-2015 18-Dec-2015 annual maintenance contract of lift installed at dam site of teesta v power station, Share
676916151130 30-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 construction of boundary wall around the land of sgmi, . s.h: providing security light alongwith b Share
628818151128 28-Nov-2015 17-Dec-2015 construction of bio waste burial pit including fencing around the pit near project hospital and mi Share
879916151128 28-Nov-2015 17-Dec-2015 supply of tyre,tube & flap Share
878018151127 27-Nov-2015 24-Dec-2015 supply of 1no. mini excavator of capacity 0.07cum,operating weight up to 3 ton Share
786616151127 27-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 lot no: 1 lot name: surplus vehicle, lot desc :surplus vehicle (maruti gypsy reg. no.-sk-04p/2215, Share
646018151126 26-Nov-2015 18-Dec-2015 spl repair to cover shed for stairs from rhq to bldg no n/res-45 and other sanctioned work under g Share
523618151126 26-Nov-2015 09-Dec-2015 annual maintenance contract of chiller unit installed in power house of teesta-v power station, Share
522318151126 26-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 supply , installation and setting of insulgard relay (pd-ig-new) for partial discharge monitoring Share
605616151126 26-Nov-2015 02-Dec-2015 fire safety audit at rangit power station Share
605516151126 26-Nov-2015 02-Dec-2015 factory testing (fitness) and certification of equipment at rangit power station for the year 2015 Share
605416151126 26-Nov-2015 03-Dec-2015 purchase of lp compressor at rangit power station Share
605316151126 26-Nov-2015 10-Dec-2015 supply of hospital equipments/furniture for rangit power station hospital Share
605216151126 26-Nov-2015 03-Dec-2015 supply, erection & commissioning of lt distribution panel & its accessories for dam electrical con Share
387016151126 26-Nov-2015 08-Dec-2015 provision of 2 nos. mrl elevators at fire station cum control tower at airport, Share
384516151126 26-Nov-2015 04-Dec-2015 supply, installation, testing & commissioning of ms office 2013 oem pack, 600va ups & printer at a Share
84817151126 26-Nov-2015 28-Dec-2015 provision of 2 nos mrl elevators at fire station cum control tower at pakyong airport Share
34117151126 26-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 comprehensive scheme for strengthening of transmission & distribution system, Share
1159418151125 25-Nov-2015 15-Dec-2015 purchase of drainage pump and access tunnel pump for ph Share
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