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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1761516160823 23-Aug-2016 03-Sep-2016 supply of water supply goods
1617916160823 23-Aug-2016 14-Sep-2016 construction of hb living shelters, hb structures
591052160823 23-Aug-2016 29-Aug-2016 supply of different type of valve
589052160823 23-Aug-2016 07-Sep-2016 repair, maintenance and painting works of project hospital
587052160823 23-Aug-2016 03-Sep-2016 repairing of one no. 400 kva,11kv/0.415kv unit auxiliary transformer
585052160823 23-Aug-2016 07-Sep-2016 septic tank & sewerage pipeline work
581052160823 23-Aug-2016 05-Sep-2016 disposal of one no ambassador car bearing
481052160823 23-Aug-2016 13-Sep-2016 purchase of top & bottom air guide and top & bottom bearing pads for generating units
876516160823 23-Aug-2016 10-Sep-2016 supply and stacking of aggregates of various sizes and stone dust at work site bet km 21.00 to km
876416160823 23-Aug-2016 09-Sep-2016 purchase of electrical items for dav public school, recreation club and project hospital for rangi
500416160823 23-Aug-2016 02-Sep-2016 supply and installation of laboratory equipments brass sieve set ,carry cooler/mobile sample carri
100117160823 23-Aug-2016 08-Sep-2016 supply and stacking of 1st class brick of size 23.00x11.25x7.50cm
99517160823 23-Aug-2016 08-Sep-2016 supply and stacking of 1st class brick of size 233.00x 11.25x 7.50cm at hq 528ss and tc
3222516160822 22-Aug-2016 12-Sep-2016 procurement of essential machineries required to maintain the national highways nh 10 and nh 310.
3222416160822 22-Aug-2016 12-Sep-2016 procurement of various types of motor vehicles required to maintain the national highways nh 10 an
3222316160822 22-Aug-2016 12-Sep-2016 procurement of heavy earth moving machines and tandem vibratory roller required
3032616160822 22-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2016 provision of ground lighting facilities at pakyong airport, sikkim.
2749116160822 22-Aug-2016 10-Sep-2016 sup and stack of stone agg for busg wk betn km 62.873 to 66.657 km 81 to 84 rrk rd betn km 0 to 8
2735916160822 22-Aug-2016 01-Sep-2016 purchase of lubricant items for vehicles
2732316160822 22-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2016 consultancy service for feasibility study preparation of hydraulic data general arrangement drawin
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