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1503616171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 maintenance of domestic and street light
1502916171124 24-Nov-2017 04-Dec-2017 supply, installation and commissioning of high mast lights/semi high mast lights in cantonment are
1502316171124 24-Nov-2017 06-Dec-2017 construction of latrines for workers engaged
1501316171124 24-Nov-2017 07-Dec-2017 comprehensive maintenance and operation of electromechanical services
1497616171124 24-Nov-2017 16-Dec-2017 packing box for bte hearing aid
1497416171124 24-Nov-2017 13-Dec-2017 supply of rice husk and filler flate
1494616171124 24-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 castor wheel assembly
1492016171124 24-Nov-2017 07-Dec-2017 providing electromechanical works i/c ups, ac etc.
1490016171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 laying of 150mm dia di df water supply line and maintenance/repair of water supply lines in canton
1486716171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 construction of defence estates officer office, residential campus and guest house
1485316171124 24-Nov-2017 06-Dec-2017 replacement / upgradation of network switches, network cards, jack panel and cabling
1484816171124 24-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 ugc fault repair work
1483316171124 24-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 ugc fault repair work
1482516171124 24-Nov-2017 22-Dec-2017 improvement and up-gradation of national highways
1480916171124 24-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 u/g cable fault repair and other associated works
1479916171124 24-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 ugc fault repair work
1479116171124 24-Nov-2017 21-Dec-2017 maintenance and upkeep of parts of telecom infrasctructure
1476416171124 24-Nov-2017 12-Dec-2017 m. s. chequered plate in cut size
1475516171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 construction of kitchen for mid day meal and toilet in school
1475416171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 construction of 5 toilets and repair/maintenance of cantt fund building
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