chd admn tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
880016150801 01-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 India / CHANDIGARH Replacement of Mechanical/Defective/Burnt single phase energy meters Share
880416150801 01-Aug-2015 05-Aug-2015 India / CHANDIGARH A/R to RB Type 6 Houses Share
880616150801 01-Aug-2015 04-Aug-2015 India / CHANDIGARH A/R to RB Type II Houses Share
904116150801 01-Aug-2015 18-Aug-2015 India / HARYANA Hiring of Multi Utility vehicle for day to day Track maintenance/Renewal in the section, Construct Share
75918150801 01-Aug-2015 15-Aug-2015 Pakistan Construction of toilet,split air conditioner Share
155418150801 01-Aug-2015 02-Sep-2015 India / Chandigarh Purchase of Computer Controlled Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Share
156718150801 01-Aug-2015 17-Aug-2015 India / Delhi supply of Mineral Drinking Water Jar (20 Ltr. Capacity) in CCRAS Hqrs Office Share
157118150801 01-Aug-2015 10-Aug-2015 India / Delhi Repairing of existing kerb stones road side berms from Admn Bldg To Gate No 2 plastering work arou Share
160218150801 01-Aug-2015 19-Aug-2015 India / Delhi Contract for Manpower Services a Share
166218150801 01-Aug-2015 24-Aug-2015 India / Haryana Providing manpower for round the clock security services Share
166318150801 01-Aug-2015 13-Aug-2015 India / Haryana Hiring of Vehicle on Contract Basis Share
172818150801 01-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 India / Uttar Pradesh ELEVATION OF EXISTING BOUNDARY WALL ALONG THE DND Share
181918150801 01-Aug-2015 21-Aug-2015 India / Maharashtra Pest Control Services Share
185318150801 01-Aug-2015 28-Aug-2015 Philippines Construction of ladies comfort room on second flloor Share
187618150801 01-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 India / Tamil Nadu CAMC FOR BIO-MATRIC FINGER PRINTE ATTENDANCE SYSTEM Share
192518150801 01-Aug-2015 14-Aug-2015 India / Telangana DISPOSAL OF METAL SCRAP Share
195018150801 01-Aug-2015 14-Aug-2015 India / Uttar Pradesh RFT INST COMM AND TESTING OF GAS BURNER FOR SUPPLEMENTARY FIRING OF HRSG BURNER Share
233718150801 01-Aug-2015 18-Aug-2015 India / Jammu & Kashmir MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY OF PREFABRICATED CHDH SHELTER Share
243718150801 01-Aug-2015 04-Sep-2015 India / Delhi Procurement of Stationery Items Share
327918150801 01-Aug-2015 10-Aug-2015 India / JHARKHAND Cleaning and mopping of CGMT Office, Admn. Block, Telecom Store Share

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