cti Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1263116171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 Brazil Acquisition of Health Product
554917171120 20-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 India / Delhi Construction Of Retaining Wall At South East Of Parade Ground Towards, Punjabi Bagh At Cti Buildin
1139316171120 20-Nov-2017 01-Dec-2017 India / Delhi AR and MO to CTI Building at Raja Garden, New . During 2017-18. SH Plastering, sanitary water supp
44118171117 17-Nov-2017 01-Dec-2017 United States Installation: Space Collaboration Area
1637116171117 17-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 India / Delhi Construction of retaining wall at South East of Parade Ground towards, at C.T.I. Building , .
39018171116 16-Nov-2017 08-Dec-2017 United States Clear Touch CTI-5075H+UH10 75" H+ Series Interactive Panel, True HD
40418171116 16-Nov-2017 08-Dec-2017 United States Clear Touch CTI-5075H+UH10 75" H+ Series Interactive Panel, True HD
659716171113 13-Nov-2017 18-Dec-2017 Italy consulting, software development, Internet and support
1240316171109 09-Nov-2017 07-Dec-2017 Germany Clinic construction work
1065218171108 08-Nov-2017 07-Dec-2017 Brazil Work to finalize the adjustments in the CTI of the HCE with contracting of executive projects.
676516171106 06-Nov-2017 01-Dec-2017 Canada Black fiber rental linking computer processing center (CTI)
512717171104 04-Nov-2017 30-Nov-2017 India / Uttaranchal FINISHED LENS-1(FINISHED) TO DRG NO:096701030000 027,ISSUE-1 OF CTI T-72(MK-I).
261818171101 01-Nov-2017 28-Nov-2017 Germany Communications equipment
577718171101 01-Nov-2017 27-Nov-2017 Spain Reform and repair of the roof
2228418171024 24-Oct-2017 20-Feb-2018 Brazil private entities, focused on research and development in PD & I, whose vocation is compatible with
676716160309 09-Mar-2016 Germany Construction work
677016160309 09-Mar-2016 Germany Construction work
335216160229 29-Feb-2016 Germany Telephone exchanges
783216171124 24-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 Brazil Acquisition of computer consumption materials for the use
53618171117 17-Nov-2017 01-Dec-2017 United States for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) Carrier and Air Integra

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