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electrical safety audit Tenders

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1424418181218 18-Dec-2018 06-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity to be used in five facilities of prefectural police, 1 set
1424618181218 18-Dec-2018 06-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity used in government building,estimated consumption of electricity for the year 3,985,95
1426018181218 18-Dec-2018 06-Feb-2019 Japan buiding cleaning service 1 set
1426618181218 18-Dec-2018 07-Feb-2019 Japan Electric power to be consumed at courthouse
1426718181218 18-Dec-2018 07-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity used in common government offices contract demand 137kw the estimated electricity 367,
1426918181218 18-Dec-2018 07-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity used in government office port contract 182kw, the estimated electricity 529,382 kwh.
1427218181218 18-Dec-2018 07-Feb-2019 Japan Electric power supply to be used,contracted power 750kw planned annual power use 1,255,300kwh
1430318181218 18-Dec-2018 08-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity supply
1430618181218 18-Dec-2018 13-Feb-2019 Japan Supply of electricity, 1 set.
1432418181218 18-Dec-2018 18-Feb-2019 Japan Electricity to be used in government offices building and other buildings
1433418181218 18-Dec-2018 05-Mar-2019 Japan telecommunication equipment maintenance
1455218181218 18-Dec-2018 02-Jan-2019 Canada Professional Audit Support Services for Stream
1506318181218 18-Dec-2018 08-Jan-2019 Brazil HYDRAULIC OIL FILTER
1599818181218 18-Dec-2018 19-Dec-2018 Russian Federation Supply of ball valves with electric drive, for automation of leakage protection systems for sanita
1698718181218 18-Dec-2018 24-Dec-2018 India / WEST BENGAL Construction of Regional Museum of national History at Marchuk, Gangtok Sikkim. SH: Construction o
1704618181218 18-Dec-2018 24-Dec-2018 India / TAMIL NADU MOEI and Fans including RMO Water supply Pumpsets Street Lights Substation DG Sets in AGs Office A
1727718181218 18-Dec-2018 29-Dec-2018 India / Delhi 2 Procurement of Machinery/ Technical / Electrical items for National War Memorial. Floor Scrubber
1776818181218 18-Dec-2018 30-Dec-2018 Saudi Arabia Implementation of field support sites processing washbasin modern vehicles and automatic implement
1780318181218 18-Dec-2018 20-Jan-2019 Saudi Arabia Supply of electrical materials to connect power supply to warehouses
1785818181218 18-Dec-2018 22-Dec-2018 Afghanistan perform the annual statutory audit of Integrity Watch accounts

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