ht motor rewinding tenders in tamilnadu

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
30117150706 06-Jul-2015 16-Jul-2015 India / Jammu & Kashmir Supply Of Disc Insulator 45Kn, T&S B&S Type, Disc Fittings, Do Fuse Set 11Kv, Guy Wire 7/3 15 Mm, Share
117117150706 06-Jul-2015 15-Jul-2015 India / Himachal Pradesh A/R & M/O Lwss Shimla Sh : Dismantting And Complete Rewinding Of Stator And Reclamation Of Rotor S Share
131916150706 06-Jul-2015 30-Sep-2015 France Special-purpose road passenger-transport services Share
166416150706 06-Jul-2015 16-Nov-2015 France Special-purpose road passenger-transport services Share
193216150706 06-Jul-2015 31-Jul-2015 France Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services Share
364016150706 06-Jul-2015 18-Jul-2015 India / orissa IR (Insulation resistance) improvement and bearing replacement of HT motors Share
496916150706 06-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 India / Tamil Nadu Rewinding and Reconditioning of Electric Motors Fans for Barrel Plant Industrial Packaging Share
504716150706 06-Jul-2015 08-Jul-2015 India / CHANDIGARH Repair and rewinding of submersible motor pumping set of tubewells RN-35, H-10 and Contractor Bloc Share
889052150706 06-Jul-2015 20-Jul-2015 India / GUJARAT Work of internal fan repairing & dynamic balancing of 6.6KV HT motor rotor weight up to 2500kg for Share
896718150706 06-Jul-2015 07-Jul-2015 India / Uttar Pradesh ARMATURE REWINDING INCLUDING COMPLETE STATOR MOTOR O/H Share
985918150706 06-Jul-2015 17-Jul-2015 India / Delhi Repair/Rewinding of various types of motors at 220KV S/Stns. under GM (OM)-II division. Share
1006718150706 06-Jul-2015 08-Jul-2015 India / Haryana Dismantling, rewinding of rotor and stator and replacement of coupling of coupling set and DE and Share
1135418150706 06-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 India / JHARKHAND COMPLETE REWINDING OF BURNT MOTOR KIRLOSKHAR MAKE ,60 HP,500/550 VOLTS,75O RPM ,55 AMP AT VICTORY Share
1145718150706 06-Jul-2015 18-Jul-2015 India / WEST BENGAL Rewinding/Repairing of 01(one) No. 3HP Submersible Pump with motor Voltage 440V RPM 3000 Make-Hame Share
14017150704 04-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 India / Himachal Pradesh Supply Of Sweet, Refilling Of Fire Fighting Cylinder, Repair Of Computer, Hair Cutting, Uniform St Share
16517150704 04-Jul-2015 30-Jul-2015 India / Uttar Pradesh Supply Of 11Kv Ht Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Share
29217150704 04-Jul-2015 22-Jul-2015 India / Tripura Operation And Maintenance Of Nrdwp Schemes Under Dws Sh: Repairing, Maintenance And Complete Rewin Share
675516150704 04-Jul-2015 13-Jul-2015 India / Tamil Nadu LT 1070LE0070 Rewinding and Repair of Motor Share
707216150704 04-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 India / DELHI Repairing and rewinding of Three Phase induction motor and repairing of Automatic Star Delta Start Share

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