ht motor rewinding tenders in tamilnadu

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
226018160924 24-Sep-2016 13-Oct-2016 India / DELHI Lot No: 29 PCB GRP :[Insulated Copper Wire Scrap] Lot Name: Scrap Copper, (Old/Used copper coil of
359318160924 24-Sep-2016 19-Oct-2016 India / WEST BENGAL Procurement of 1(one) no. of 710 kW, 6.6 KV HT Motor for Coal Mill under EMIPH dept. SgTPP
55716160924 24-Sep-2016 11-Oct-2016 Pakistan Purchase Enquiry regarding Rewinding of 01 No. Siemens Motor 15HP,
1064616160924 24-Sep-2016 06-Oct-2016 India / MADHYA PRADESH Repairing / rewinding of 02 nos 90KW ,415V,squirrel cage induction motor and 01 no 3.7,415V squirr
1147516160924 24-Sep-2016 26-Sep-2016 India / MADHYA PRADESH Enquiry for rewinding of one OTIS lift AC Motor 3Phase 415 V 145RPM at 3X105MW THPS-I MPPGCL
1150216160924 24-Sep-2016 28-Sep-2016 India / MADHYA PRADESH Enquiry for rewinding of one dewatering motor at 3X105 MW THPS MPPGCL
1162516160924 24-Sep-2016 06-Oct-2016 India / MAHARASHTRA Repair and rewinding of blower motors
1202016160924 24-Sep-2016 10-Oct-2016 India / JHARKHAND Repairing and rewinding of 5HP, 440V exhaust fan motor of 24/96 dragline of ABOCP of Block-II Area
1234516160924 24-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India / DELHI Rewinding of Mainline Motor MP 01 of Pipeline at
1237516160924 24-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India / HARYANA Overhauling of PAJ MP 2 at NRPL Panipat
1238716160924 24-Sep-2016 29-Sep-2016 India / HARYANA Rewinding of Mainline Motor MP 01 of Pipeline at
1315916160924 24-Sep-2016 05-Oct-2016 India / Madhya Pradesh Rewinding of different rating LT motor 3 phase, 415V, sq. cage induction motor of unit no. 3 and 4
1426416160924 24-Sep-2016 14-Oct-2016 India / Rajasthan Servicing and Overhauling of 11 nos of HT electric motor for Dr Karni Singh Lift Kolayat lift Pump
1447016160924 24-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 India / TAMIL NADU REPAIR OF HT MOTORS AT CPCL-MANALI
43018160923 23-Sep-2016 05-Oct-2016 Brazil Company Hiring for the acquisition of Radio digital and analog transceiver for DSOT of PRRS, accor
67417160923 23-Sep-2016 02-Nov-2016 India / West Bengal Procurement Of 1 No Of 710Kw, 6.6Kv Ht Motor For Coal Mill
237616160923 23-Sep-2016 14-Oct-2016 France Provision of motor vehicles
257016160923 23-Sep-2016 03-Oct-2016 India / Uttar Pradesh Procurement of Accessories of Perma Make Lubrication system of HT Motors.
258216160923 23-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 India / Uttar Pradesh Complete rewinding with VPI of 500 KW, 6.6 KV, 1482 RPM, BHEL make CEP motor.

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