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1328916170817 17-Aug-2017 31-Aug-2017 India/Jammu & Kashmir manufacture work, packing and forwarding, insurance, transportation to project site, erection, tes
1328816170817 17-Aug-2017 08-Sep-2017 India/Jammu & Kashmir supply of feed mixer double ribbon screw mixer with operational capacity of 01 ton per hour
1328716170817 17-Aug-2017 08-Sep-2017 India/Jammu & Kashmir supply o texture analyzer single column with high rigidity frame and space for keeping samples
1328616170817 17-Aug-2017 08-Sep-2017 India/Jammu & Kashmir supply of quaternary gradient hplc an all in one system with accessories
1310416170817 17-Aug-2017 31-Aug-2017 India/Tamil Nadu supply of vertical shaft thtust beatings for mill gearboxes of hp803 bowl mill at nctps stage-i
1310316170817 17-Aug-2017 24-Aug-2017 India/Maharashtra auction sale of gold ornaments
1310216170817 17-Aug-2017 24-Aug-2017 India/Delhi supply of general purpose ultrasound system
1310116170817 17-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 India/Bihar repair and renovation of hostel
1310016170817 17-Aug-2017 24-Aug-2017 India/Delhi supply of non-consumables for department of ophthalmology
1305016170817 17-Aug-2017 31-Aug-2017 India/Uttaranchal survey work of residential property, non residential property and industrial property
1304716170817 17-Aug-2017 28-Aug-2017 India/Bihar construction of road
1304516170817 17-Aug-2017 06-Sep-2017 India/Tamil Nadu construction of additional four class room buiding in government kallar primary school
1304416170817 17-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 India/Uttar Pradesh sale of unserviceable government property/equipments/uniform items
1295016170817 17-Aug-2017 28-Aug-2017 India/West Bengal operation and maintenance of sub station and pumping machineries at intake intermediate and sindha
883716170817 17-Aug-2017 12-Sep-2017 Philippines consulting services for the data gathering and investigating for the feasibility study of the prop
860916170817 17-Aug-2017 19-Sep-2017 Philippines procurement for iso 9001:2015 certificate services
857516170817 17-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 Philippines consultant for the development of a quality management system compliant and certifiable to iso to
852816170817 17-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 Philippines impact assessment and bechmarking of 15 cbfm-carp projects in region vii
839316170817 17-Aug-2017 21-Aug-2017 Philippines core and technical competency trainings
831516170817 17-Aug-2017 23-Aug-2017 Philippines procurement and delivery of surveying and appraisal services
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