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1424516170720 20-Jul-2017 07-Aug-2017 Bangladesh construction of walk way and palasiding work at 250 beded sadar hospital
1424416170720 20-Jul-2017 26-Jul-2017 Bangladesh construction of district jail (sub-head: construction of store building) building no-01. & 02. wd:
1424316170720 20-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 Bangladesh 2nd and 3rd floor vertical extension work of existing 2 storied women police barrak with 6 storied
1219916170720 20-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017 India/KERALA moei and fans at ags office, sh - providing electrical installations and fans in store.
1219816170720 20-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017 India/KERALA development of road through nh land for connectivity between nh and iwt terminal. sh - providing a
1219716170720 20-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017 India/DELHI rmo various e and m services at dr. kssr stadium, sh: repairing of external lights.
1219616170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/DELHI repair/maintenance/replacement of acs at air force station
1219516170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/MAHARASHTRA providing services of security services for nasik central division situated
1219416170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/DELHI a/r and m/o to mps flats/bungalows under s/d-iv of pawd-i dg.17-18 sh: misc. wood work in various
1219316170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/MANIPUR construction of mp building. sh providing 1 no. office attendant
1219216170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/WEST BENGAL construction of 509 border out post bops for border security force bsf along the indo-bangladesh b
1219116170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/DELHI repair/maintenance of room no. 2 4 and 7 in rcc at air force station
1219016170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/DELHI rmo ac plant at 7th storyed iop bldg. sh: comprehensive maintenance of blue star make 115 tr chill
1218916170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/DELHI rmo 2 x 140 tr centralized ac plant at 4th and 5th floor of icmr bldg. sh: operation and maintenan
1218816170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/JAMMU & KASHMIR c/o a-i type single section with science lab school building and 9 units of staff quarters for kv
1218716170720 20-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 India/UTTAR PRADESH running and maintenance of govt vehicle no up 80 m 4747
1218616170720 20-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 India/RAJASTHAN repairing of internal road
1218516170720 20-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 India/PUNJAB ar and mo residential buildings for income tax colony
1218416170720 20-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 India/PUNJAB ar and mo non residential buildings for income tax colony
1218316170720 20-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 India/PUNJAB providing high mast flood lighting in the aor, sub head providing 77 nos high mast lights sh suppl
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