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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
494118181023 23-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 92400 1pcs.polo shirt with nia logo embroidery and nia stakeholder`s forum to be printed at the left sle
490418181023 23-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 260000 1water bill 150.00 box2,000 pc/box paper : continuous form # 70 print: back to back color : 2 colo
111118181023 23-Oct-2018 12-Dec-2018 Japan Refer Document. printing of a loan scholarship guide for students
350918181022 22-Oct-2018 13-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 1432072 lease of photocopying machines cy 2019
346118181022 22-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 561780 printing of img-lps and mg-dlps in mother tongue, filipino, english, science, mathematics, and ara
346018181022 22-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 499960 supply and delivery of reading materials (books) for public elementary schools of the city of bata
341818181022 22-Oct-2018 13-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 3155764 procurement of health cards for the local school board (lsb)
339818181022 22-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 141300 delivery of business & triclycle permit sticker
331018181022 22-Oct-2018 06-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 374625 permit forms (engineering)
329518181022 22-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 9096163 supply and delivery of printed forms & office supplies
325618181022 22-Oct-2018 13-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 2500000 printing, supply and delivery of reading materials for public awareness program of the city govern
325118181022 22-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 352800 supply and delivery of purchase booklet for use of senior citizen and pwd
314518181022 22-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 638000 supply and delivery of electronic journals subscription
312918181022 22-Oct-2018 12-Nov-2018 Philippines PHP 771198 supply and delivery of professional journals for subscription for the upgrading of library collect
305518181022 22-Oct-2018 30-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 114000 reproduction of letterhead of regional office and field offices for office use re: modified csc lo
296018181022 22-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 46920 test paper for 2nd quarter examinations
291918181022 22-Oct-2018 24-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 823500 printing and delivery of ispsc student publications
291718181022 22-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 166002 purchase of complementary food production (labelling for curls)
252418181022 22-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 42000 printing of (ishb) and (lfs) series no: january 2018.
251518181022 22-Oct-2018 25-Oct-2018 Philippines PHP 72000 printing of school newspaper
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