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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
1231518181212 12-Dec-2018 14-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 557296 printing and delivery of poster about bangsamoro organic law plebiscite for use
1207618181212 12-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 882000 printing of intramuros walking map with 3 brochure inserts and binder
1203818181212 12-Dec-2018 19-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 488000 procurement of stickers for treasury office
1184318181212 12-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 660000 continuous paper for psu
1169318181212 12-Dec-2018 14-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 224000 tarpauline (3ft x 5 ft) for information education campaign materials.pdrrmo
1164518181212 12-Dec-2018 17-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 894740 procurement of tarpaulin, inks & solvent solution for various activities
478718181212 12-Dec-2018 14-Feb-2019 Japan Refer Document. printing service for magazines and flyer of housing management in 2019 fiscal year, 1 set
343518181212 12-Dec-2018 29-Jan-2019 Japan Refer Document. items mentioned of form of the report on the estimated amount of labour insurance contribution and
894418181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 200000 sweatshirt with print
894018181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 160000 procurement of radio airtime broadcast for 2 monts
871718181211 11-Dec-2018 17-Dec-2018 Philippines Refer Document. procurement of tarpaulin 10ft. x 4ft. (pr no. 2018-829)
865418181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 460000 supply and delivery of luminous permanent film (r.i.s. #: 18-88-197)
858318181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 100000 airtime/ cable tv services for information dissemination of the city government of tarlac
856518181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 64302 reproduction of 3rd quarter test sy:2018-2019
856118181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 110000 rfq no.: 2018-12-1327 for printing of uct iec materials
855818181211 11-Dec-2018 17-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 390000 provision for business and tricycle permit pads for use
855618181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 87360 reproduction of 3rd quarter test
840818181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 106029 reproduction of 3rd
840418181211 11-Dec-2018 17-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 73683 purchase & delivery of books for ilocos sur provincial library
840218181211 11-Dec-2018 13-Dec-2018 Philippines PHP 44730 reproduction of 3rd quarter test sy:2018-2019
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