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Ref NoPosting DateDeadline LocationShort Description
708518170324 24-Mar-2017 24-Apr-2017 Philippines procurement of one (1) unit passenger van
686418170324 24-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation services, hotel accommodation and meals
676818170324 24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines supply and delivery of transport rental
687516170324 24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation services for boi team building
662616170324 24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines 2 van hire
600516170324 24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines hosting familarization tour marketing and promoting the province potential tourist
559216170324 24-Mar-2017 30-Mar-2017 Philippines rental of tourist bus
86718170323 23-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines training on marketing management (mt. province)
330818170322 22-Mar-2017 30-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation service to palarong pambansa from iloilo port to angel salazar mem. school, antique
316818170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation of participants for the conduct of division training-workshop of multigrade teacher
307418170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines supply & delivery of 1 unit van hire for 4 days at el nido palawan
301718170322 22-Mar-2017 29-Mar-2017 Philippines roll- out training on family preparedness and camp coordination
282418170322 22-Mar-2017 28-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation services (year end performance evaluation & development of aip 2017)
252018170322 22-Mar-2017 29-Mar-2017 Philippines procurement of 1 unit motorcycle
201218170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation and communications services
703416170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines van rental for documentation of moryonan and meeting with lgu marinduque for the unesco nomination
696316170322 22-Mar-2017 28-Mar-2017 Philippines transportation
660816170322 22-Mar-2017 24-Mar-2017 Philippines van rental for the annual physical checking of lms, school equipment and other assets of different
658216170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines roundtrip airfare for weaver participants
647816170322 22-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Philippines accommodation and venue for living-in seminar of weavers
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