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Ref NoPosting DateDeadline LocationShort Description
504316171018 18-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017 Philippines 1.van rental (4) units
179118171018 18-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017 Philippines procurement of airfare tickets inclusive of terminal fees
175518171018 18-Oct-2017 24-Oct-2017 Philippines transportation - bus hiring
124518171018 18-Oct-2017 25-Oct-2017 Philippines hire for transportation services (division athletic meet)
651018171017 17-Oct-2017 25-Oct-2017 Philippines provision of van rental for the conduct of 31st asean summit from october to november 2017
579818171017 17-Oct-2017 18-Oct-2017 Philippines bus rental
573918171017 17-Oct-2017 23-Oct-2017 Philippines procurement of transportation services for the stem education training program - regional rollout
555618171017 17-Oct-2017 18-Oct-2017 Philippines bus rental
550618171017 17-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 Philippines provision of lease service vehicles of eoc, rimt and njtf-epr personnel to be deployed during the
531318171017 17-Oct-2017 23-Oct-2017 Philippines transportation rental of the athletes/delegates for the area athletic meet
492418171017 17-Oct-2017 18-Oct-2017 Philippines transportation
387818171017 17-Oct-2017 18-Oct-2017 Philippines transportation services for the deepening self-mastery for positivity on november 9-10, 2017 withi
378918171017 17-Oct-2017 18-Oct-2017 Philippines transport services for info team documentation, gawad saka awarding ceremony, training on feature
246618171017 17-Oct-2017 27-Oct-2017 India/Kerala supply of printer ribbon(epson fx2175)
245618171017 17-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017 India/Kerala supply of speaker and codeless mic with unit
19518171017 17-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 Philippines cellular card
500918171016 16-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Philippines van hire
487418171016 16-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017 Philippines procurement of 30 trips van rental to be used on travelling activities for the crafting of afmp 20
462018171016 16-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Philippines transportation services
451218171016 16-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Philippines van hire
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