German Development Cooperation
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Data Analytics for Efficiency Improvement in City Bus Systems under Integrated and Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities in India (SMART SUT) Project

Under the Indo German Bilateral Development Cooperation, the focal areas currently are:

  • Energy;
  • Environment and Management of Natural Resources; and
  • Sustainable Urban Development

GIZ-supported Integrated and Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities in India (SMART-SUT) project provides technical support in improving planning processes and implementation of sustainable and integrated transport systems and solutions. The project works to promote comprehensive mobility planning and to plan and implement sustainable urban transport projects in the fields of public transport, non-motorized transport and modal integration.

As part of the project activities, there is a need for effective communication with partners and other stakeholders. This is of key significance for the visibility of the project and is highly relevant at both the national as well as the state level. Communication in general seeks to inform the stakeholders with knowledge regarding the project action, its results and impacts. Each target group and/or stakeholder needs to be addressed through appropriate, adequate and accessible tools, instruments, and products.

The objective of this assignment is to

  • Build stakeholder awareness on applications of data management for improving bus performance efficiency
  • Improve the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) system architecture i.e. data management, hard ware, software and database storage in collaboration with the local ITS vendors
  • Develop recommendations to improve bus service planning based on reports generated by the current ITS systems
  • Disseminate findings to various cities across the country by conducting workshops

The detailed documentation with regards to this call for proposals includes:

  • Terms of Reference for the Assignment
  • Grid for Assessing the Eligibility of Firms
  • Technical Evaluation Grid
  • Bidding Conditions
  • General Terms & Conditions of Contracts


: 8th October, 2019
: 15th October, 2019
: 18th October, 2019

: 4th Nov' 2019, by 17.30hrs


GIZ reserves the right to cancel/modify this tender and / or reject a bid document including subsequently a technical and financial proposal, without assigning any reasons.