German Development Cooperation
German Technical Cooperation Tender Notice For ICT-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Cities (ICT-A) project

Under the Indo German Bilateral Development Cooperation, the focal areas currently are:

  • Energy;
  • Environment and Management of Natural Resources; and
  • Sustainable Urban Development

Project Details:

Adapting cities to climate change-induced extreme weather events is crucial to achieving international goals on sustainable development and global warming. It presents new challenges for urban planners and regional policy-makers as they often lack the up-to-date local information needed for climate-proof urban development.

The project’s aim is to develop a digital solution to strengthen climate change adaptation in the cities of Kochi and Bhubaneshwar. It will enable local governments and authorities to integrate evidence-based climate change adaptation into urban development by drawing upon innovative solutions to collect and analyse data, ideas, proposals, opinions, decisions, etc. The project offers advice on developing, piloting and disseminating these participatory ICT-based proposals.

To ensure the ICT proposals can be replicated on a larger scale, the project will apply technical solutions based on an open source approach, using freely accessible open source code that can be adapted relatively easily to other cities or municipalities. Manuals will also be prepared to describe the methodology, along with proposals for incorporation into the municipalities’ standard processes and mechanisms for participation.

The project will develop the capacity of local government staff to collect and analyse ICT-based data, ideas, proposals, opinions, etc. so that the same approaches may also be used in other local contexts.

The objective of this assignment is

  • To develop Communication and community management of the digital solution for adaptation to climate change in Kochi.
  • Preparation, production and wide use of audio-visual resources for the transfer package for rollout and up-scaling. These audio-visual resources should also support the incentive system and the community management event

The tender documents include the following:

  • The Terms of Reference for the Assignment
  • Assessment of eligibility of consulting firms
  • Bidding conditions
  • The Technical Evaluation Grid (for evaluation the technical proposals)
  • Financial Format
  • General Terms & Conditions of Contracts


: 14th October, 2019
: 16th October, 2019
: 18th October, 2019

: 24th October, 2019

Kindly submit the technical & financial proposals as per the format mentioned in bidding conditions.

GIZ reserves the right to cancel/modify this tender and / or reject a bid document including subsequently a technical and financial proposal, without assigning any reasons.