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Development of a Toolkit to design, implement and monitor effective and efficient preventive measures for human wildlife conflict mitigation at selected Project locations in India

Biodiversity is fundamental to sustain ecosystem processes, functions and the continued delivery of ecosystem services, which are the foundation of livelihood security, health and overall well-being of human societies. Conservation of biodiversity, including wildlife, is essential for India, not only because the consequences of biodiversity loss and the resulting loss of ecosystem services have a far-reaching impact on livelihoods and overall well-being of human communities, but also because of the cultural heritage where coexistence is the natural way of living.

The project aims at providing technical support at the National level and in selected partner States for effective implementation of Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation measures. In order to achieve this objective, the project focuses on three Output areas: Support in development of strategy and action plan, SOPs and database; Pilot application of a holistic approach and instruments for the mitigation of human wildlife conflict in partner States; and Facilitating capacity development of key stakeholders for mitigating human wildlife conflict in India. The project takes the approach of harmonious coexistence, by ensuring that both – human and wildlife – are protected from conflicts. This approach follows the modern wildlife conservation principles to balance the needs of people with the conservation of nature.

The project is seeking support from an agency to develop a toolkit on Preventive measures for HWC mitigation with customizations for three States- Karnataka, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

The purpose of the toolkits will be to facilitate a common understanding on and a ready reference for key information, processes and methods required for effective and efficient implementing HWC mitigation measures. The toolkit will serve as a handy field manual cum reference guide for the field operations.

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: 10th September, 2019
: 20th September, 2019
: 26th September, 2019

: 7 Oct, 2019, by 17.30hrs


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