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2001418190826 26-Aug-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 158.1 Million Agro Processing Cluster At Tondapur In Dist. Hingoli, Maharashtra
2001518190826 26-Aug-2019 India/ Punjab INR 336.9 Million Agro Processing Cluster At Urang In Dist. Muktsar, Punjab
2002318190826 26-Aug-2019 India/ Telangana INR 2460 Million Dairy Plant At Lalapet In Dist. Hyderabad, Telangana
2005718190826 26-Aug-2019 India/ Telangana INR 18.022 Million Rice Mill At Oddelingapur In Dist. Jagital, Telangana
2006418190826 26-Aug-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 69 Million Sterlization Of Agriculture Products In Dist. Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh
2000718190823 23-Aug-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 86.2 Million Fruits Processing Unit At Kyathaganicheruvu In Dist. Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
2000518190822 22-Aug-2019 India/ Chhattisgarh Not Specified Frozen Foods Processing Unit In Dist. Raipur, Chhattisgarh
2000018190822 22-Aug-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 393 Million Agro Processing Cluster At Campiernagar In Dist. Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
2001318190822 22-Aug-2019 India/ Madhya Pradesh Not Specified Whole Wheat Flour Processing Unit In Dist. Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
2001018190822 22-Aug-2019 India/ Kerala INR 474.143 Million Sea Food Processing Unit In Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala
2001018190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Kerala INR 13.783 Million Coconut Oil Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Palakkad, Kerala
2001118190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 45 Million Coconut Value Added Products Unit At Devavaram In Dist. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
2001418190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Punjab Not Specified Potato Processing Unit In Dist. Ludhiana, Punjab
2001818190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Chhattisgarh Not Specified Wheat Processing Unit In Dist. Damtari, Chhattisgarh
2000418190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 332.7 Million Agro Processing Clusters At Mohadi In Dist. Nashik, Gujarat
2000718190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh Not Specified Cakes And Biscuits Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Krishna, Andhra Pradesh
2000318190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Karnataka INR 358 Million Agro Processing Clusters At Aliyabad In Dist. Bijapur, Karnataka
2000218190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Uttaranchal INR 232 Million Agro Processing Cluster At Nautha In Dist. Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
2000118190821 21-Aug-2019 India/ Madhya Pradesh INR 220 Million Agro Processing Cluster At Kakadda In Dist. Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
2000118190820 20-Aug-2019 India/ Gujarat INR 137 Million Agro Processing Clusters At Dudhai In Dist. Kutch, Gujarat
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