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2004518190226 26-Feb-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 1300 Million Molasses Based Distillery Unit At Mhaisgaon In Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra
2002618190226 26-Feb-2019 India/ Orissa INR 450 Million Expansion Of Pasta Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Cuttack, Odisha
2001718190223 23-Feb-2019 India/ Tripura INR 874.5 Million Mega Food Park In Dist. West Tripura, Tripura
2002018190222 22-Feb-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 2250 Million Molasses-Based Distillery In Dist. Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh
2002518190221 21-Feb-2019 India/ Telangana Not Specified Sugar Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Medak, Telangana
2000918190221 21-Feb-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 428.8 Million Expansion Of Molasses-Based Distillery In Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra
2002118190220 20-Feb-2019 India/ Orissa INR 3000 Million Vegetable Oil Refinery At Gopalpur, In Dist. Ganjam, Odisha
2001918190219 19-Feb-2019 India/ West Bengal INR 45 Million Mishti Hub At Raghunathpur In Dist. Purulia, West Bengal
2002618190219 19-Feb-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 74.4 Million Shrimp Processing Unit In Dist. Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh
2002618190218 18-Feb-2019 India/ Karnataka INR 220 Million Medical & Food Products Irradiation Processing Plant In Dist. Bengaluru, Karnataka
2001718190218 18-Feb-2019 India/ West Bengal INR 800 Million Food Park At Mokdumpur In Dist. Malda, West Bengal
2001218190216 16-Feb-2019 India/ Telangana INR 400 Million Slaughter House (Frozen Meat) Project In Dist. Mahabubnagar, Telangana
2000618190216 16-Feb-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 1520 Million Molasses Based Distillery At Deorao Patil Nagar In Dist. Yavatmal, Maharashtra
2000818190215 15-Feb-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 1207.7 Million Mega Food Park At Badawal, Dist. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
2000418190215 15-Feb-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 4210 Million Flavours Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Pune, Maharashtra
2001018190213 13-Feb-2019 India/ Maharashtra Not Specified Cocoa And Chocolate Products Unit In Dist. Thane, Maharashtra
2003618190213 13-Feb-2019 India/ Gujarat Not Specified Rectified Spirits And Ethanol Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Tapi, Gujarat
2004218190213 13-Feb-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh Not Specified Shrimp Feed Processing Unit In Dist. Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
2005218190213 13-Feb-2019 India/ Karnataka Not Specified Sugar Plant Along With Distillery Unit In Dist. Belagavi, Karnataka
2005318190213 13-Feb-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh Not Specified Sugar Plant In Dist. Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
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