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2002718190416 16-Apr-2019 India/ Gujarat INR 260 Million Resort At Chorwad In Dist. Junagadh, Gujarat
2006618190415 15-Apr-2019 India/ rajasthan INR 11.45 Million Retail Outlet At Dhamana In Dist. Jalore, Rajasthan
2006718190415 15-Apr-2019 India/ punjab INR 34.12 Million Retail Outlet At Guru Amar Das Nagar In Dist. Jalandhar, Punjab
2000218190415 15-Apr-2019 India/ andhra pradesh Not Specified Art Centre Of Excellence Centre In Andhra Pradesh
2008118190415 15-Apr-2019 India/ andhra pradesh INR 73.42 Million Warehouse At Tadepalli In Dist. Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
2000918190412 12-Apr-2019 India/ haryana Not Specified Hotels Across In India
2001218190412 12-Apr-2019 India/ goa Not Specified Luxury Resort At Pristine White Sand Beach In Dist. South Goa, Goa
2001518190411 11-Apr-2019 India/ Delhi INR 2310 Million Hotel Complex At Motia Khan In Dist. New Delhi, Delhi
2003418190411 11-Apr-2019 India/ Telangana INR 1100 Million Warehouse At Yelumala, Dist. Sangareddy, Telangana
2002118190411 11-Apr-2019 India/ HARYANA NOT SPECIFIED New Hotels In India
2001518190410 10-Apr-2019 India/ Delhi INR 2460 Million Motel & Commercial Complex In Dist. New Delhi, Delhi
2001418190410 10-Apr-2019 India/ Punjab not specified Lemon Tree Hotel` In Dist. Amristar, Punjab
2001018190409 09-Apr-2019 India/ Tamil Nadu not specified Food Outlets In Dist Chennai, Tamil Nadu
2001418190408 08-Apr-2019 India/ Maharashtra INR 200 Million Hotel In Dist. Mumbai, Maharashtra
2001218190403 03-Apr-2019 India/ Orissa Not Specified Hotel In Dist. Sambalpur, Odisha
2000718190329 29-Mar-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh Not Specified Hotel In Dist. Agra, Uttar Pradesh
2000418190322 22-Mar-2019 India/ Kerala INR 960 Million Beach Resort At Thirumullavaram In Dist. Kollam, Kerala
2000518190322 22-Mar-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh Not Specified Beach Resort In Dist. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
2000018190322 22-Mar-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh Not Specified 5-Star Hotel In Andhra Pradesh
2006118190322 22-Mar-2019 India/ Orissa INR 646 Million Resort At Udayapur In Dist. Ganjam, Odisha
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