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Project Description
The importance of mangrove ecosystems is great. In 1989 , the area of mangrove pa s had to be calculated on 41000 ha, and for 1993, an estim that exist 30000 ha, which means a reduction of 27% n in a term of 4 years. COOPEMANGLE logr n a concession by the State , to work the mangrove ; with the support of IUCN, manej the forest in a sustainable manner ms , however , from 1996 to ban MINAE trav s 757 of the Forest Act , any extraction n , in order to better ensure PRESERVATI n . The cooperative has failed to develop alternative related or unrelated to the mangrove , showing administrative AND MANAGERIAL n weaknesses. Currently have few sources of income -generating , so see tourism as an option n , a tool for revenue generation n and for training people , especially the j YOUNG area , so they know mangrove resources with more depth and be advocates for the Conservation and sustainable Use of this ecosystem. It is essential to both the Preservation of existing mangrove , as the families living in the surround as these, can benefit from them . The project aims to harmonize these two families associated with CoopeMangle RL T rraba Sierpe Mangrove is a very rich area in biodiversity and natural attractions. The importance of mangrove ecosystems is very large ; for example they give protection to the early stages of the life cycle of certain fish and crust ceos of commercial importance , therefore its influence extends over all the mangrove itself. Adem contribute sa control and stabilize the coastal erosive n , n avoiding the action of wind and water. In 1989 , the area of mangrove pa s had to be calculated on 41000 ha, and since 1993 , is estim that exist an 30000 ha, which means a reduction of 27% n in a term of 4 years. N The extraction of wood for production of carb n n , was one of the activities causing alteration largest mangrove n . The pol policies introduced by governments past and Conservation to ensure the rational management of this natural wealth , have avoided environmental degradation, but also generated a con- flictividad socio-environmental area , in which the peasant population , which in many cases have taken a common position defense and rescue of this wealth , have borne the brunt . They have been limited sources of income through preventing the extraction of mangrove products n , suffering failures in n agr cola production constraints and land use . From the mangroves at least an additional five products : bark, carb n , ay you aserr trees or pa - ra n construction of houses, as well as recreational use , hunting and fishing. Adem s are di - verse areas with alternative uses such as aquaculture , agriculture, salt production n , protected areas . A Practice com pr n s it was the trees bark and wood was wasted . CoopeMangle , had a positive experience to introduce technology management , cutting the trees with di s older meters at 45 cm. , Which descortezaban for dyes and trunks and branches are cut up to take them to the bunkers . S as 15 trees were cut per week and not the nearly 50 that were cut before. Adem s some trees were encouraged to semillaran abundantly and naturally replenished yr -shaped ask the timber cut . This operation was considered a pioneer and rich level Suram Center . This project raises two areas of priority action n the one hand to strengthen the capacity of the local MANAGEMENT n , a process with equity raised nero looking equate g capabilities so that men and women can act on equal conditions ; simult neously strengthening sources of direct employment arises , seeing ecotourism means which permits the development of new opportunities for social development , econ mico such as res - taurant t peak and mangrove walks , whereby existing jobs are consolidated and makes possible greater coverage provided by the new services . General Objective : Contribute to the Conservation of mangroves and improving the quality of life of families associated with COOPEMANGLE RL , to develop a service sta eco tur stico very attractive in T rraba Sierpe mangroves , strengthening their human , organizational and material capacities keys . Espec fico Objective 1: Support international , national and local efforts for Conservation rraba Sierpe Mangrove T , increasing surveillance over the use of their resources. Objective Spec Chart 2 : Strengthen the capacity of and partners CoopeMangle on issues of ecotourism Com-munity and Gesti n business to improve the care of tourists and a discharge to the cooperatives will target specs Chart 3 : Facilitate access mangroves and knowledge of its ecological structure logic , a mainly local visitors , but also national and foreign n , to increase their knowledge about the ecology of hese ay socioeconom to create awareness among visitors of his wealth and the importance of conservation. Espec fico Objective 4: Increase the jobs duly paid , especially for closely associ-ated or women involved in the cooperative
Costa rica
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