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Project Category
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Project Description
The consolidation of the Cooperative Consortium BY THE SEA ms RL is a step in the process of associative relationship between Co n SoliDar RL (one self-managed Cooperative Professional Services for Social Solidarity) and Coopet Wednesday RL ( a cooperative of fisherfolk Pac fico Central de Costa Rica ) . This proposal will provide the resources necessary for the development of external signs for marketing of artisanal fishing tours to be provided as part of the strategy developed by both cooperatives and rescue to keep the office of responsible artisanal fishing in pa s . You can ensure that Coopet Wednesday RL is the cooperative nica fishing under the model of marketing of n , which remains to this path more than 20 years, currently active, and seeks new ways to meet its objective by leveraging the commercial, environmental and social potential current changes entails. That is why this is a milestone in cooperative movement, and that reconfigures its actions according to the current requirements , and on a voluntary basis it is important to highlight ( INFOCOOP , 2007). The relation n associativity between these cooperatives has allowed rescue and publicize responsible artisanal fishing as a way of life that preserves the logic and cultural diversity biol . In this particular case , Coopet Wednesday RL is an organ of a social economy that has kept its identity and provided contributions to the Conservation responsible fishing and doing exercise clear leadership , despite being vulnerable from the social sector, environmental and econ mico in this small Central American or pa s . The Consortium BY THE SEA RL , united by a responsible work by the community and the sea, aspires to be an innovative and established consortium that shares the job of responsible artisanal fishing as a way of life worth contributing to the Conservation biol logic and cultural marine resources as a good thing for our families. The development of inter s activities in the community socio mico Wednesday T is particularly important against a massive , aggressive and inequitable development on coastal marine Pac fica Centroam rich coast , and consolidate an approach that incorporates Conservation being as the core of human development. April . Objective General Strengthening cooperative auxiliary organ Consortium BY MAR RL , with the component of external signs of marketing, which has been formed to ensure the associativity relation between n and Coopet WEDNESDAY CoopeSoliDar RL RL so as to allow the rescue and raise awareness of responsible artisanal fishing as a way of life that preserves the logic and cultural diversity biol . May . GRAPHICS Spec Objectives 1. Strengthen componte in marketing , the Consortium BY THE SEA RL so that it can meet the objectives for which it was created. February . Logic Save coastal marine diversity and cultural biol mainly responsible artisanal fishing as a way of life and the development of community areas for exercise and development of responsible fisheries.
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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