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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
the project is initi by ASOC for r empower and safeguard the site of the Ras El Wad oasis Ch nini and develop its agricultural and environmental resources and environmental resources in a sustainable development perspective of holistic and participatory . R The results of the project and its expected effects on the environment are ` R Result 1.1: The watershed is Ras Eloued am nag and recharge structures were constructed: In this project several techniques and water conservation soil will be used to mobilize es runoff and flooding. Structures built to fight against the water erosion and mobilize runoff will install s upstream of the downstream watershed , according to their natures and morphop ological forms of erosions R Result 1.2: The old circuit is r habilit irrigation and made functional : It s back is in good condition the old irrigation channel with a length of 1200 ml . This activity will aim to e by a technical study to prepare topographical profiles pr n cessaires for the execution of such work . R work authorization will essentially be a first step , a cleaning circuit water to rid of diff kinds of annuities to breakage ( dead palm tree branches , etc. . ) . R 2.1 Result : plots are abandoned are r r es cup and valoris are : development plots will fight against desertification and to restore biodiversity. R Result 2.2: esp fruiti these local resources , forest- patorales , m dicinales and are aromatic plant are : this will safeguard local biodiversity and strengthen the work of conservation of water and soil on the one hand by various plantations , strengthen existing e irrigated tree and rejuvenate date palms palm of the other hand . R Result 3.1: farms have converted organic agriculture and products are better valoris s : This activity will support the process of change between the initial position of so-called conventional agriculture , and the final situation of organic farming certification e . During this phase, which lasts for a minimum of 3 cultures per ann es reindeer (in this case the date palms and pomegranates ) , the farmer must follow the rules r of organic farming. R sultat3.2 : Technicians trainers and farmers form s in organic production techniques : To understand the re fili of organic farming to acqu er a strong culture in the field, Conna be the rules and r socio-professional environment , my master the techniques of production are two types of training pr views . The rst is the trainers who act at the project level and have to spot the support (technological and odological m ) organic farmers . The second concern me training organic farmers sultat4.1 R : The local population is informed and sensitized e e : Farmers and their families and the entire local community with Particular larly women, schoolchildren , teachers , the local auth , etc. . , be sensitized s Saving the biodiversity and limiting the effects of climate change in the oasis and int Chenini productive , environmental and heritage rt of the oasis. R Result 4.2 : Visits and workshops capitalization and exchange of experiences are organized exp s : In order to combine training and exchange of knowledge and expertise , the project saw the pr organization of visits of exchange of people similar projects in the country including Particular larly the draft basket of Nafta , the oasis of Tozeur r es habilit
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