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Project Category
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Project Description
N The organization is constituted in the year 2004 and is made up of 11 active women which are allocated a plot of 3.9 hectares with a view to develop productive activities; taking advantage of the history of the site , which has not developed farming or other Ndole 8 to and aware of gives you or the environment and health, which brings conventional agriculture , which by necessity have developed on their land , decide to dedicate to production org nica n , for which IDA provides support with paperwork and modulates c personer to jur dica . N The association is part of the Regional MAOCO ( Agriculture Movement Org nica Costarricense ) and Ca Upala Guatuso or Black , as the official MAG facilitating the elaboration of the project n ny presentation . As part of the regional MAOCO assume the strategy to promote the production of n org nica North Regi n Hutar general framework to 10 years term , along with four other organizations which interact with an on this strategy . This project is part of the proposals for the production org nica n (target strat logical 1 and 2) , for the marketing of n ( cal strat objectives 6 and 7) , processing (target logical strat 4) and for the development of experiences of alternative accommodations (target 14). National Wildlife Refuge Ca or Black ( RVSCN ) n has an extension of 9,940 hect areas. It is located in the cantons of Los Chiles and Guatuso of the Province of Alajuela. Keep a sample of major h ms medas areas of our territory , considered internationally important shelter for serving large numbers of migratory species, species extinction ny v ace of commercially important species . Ca or The Black Lagoon is a shallow freshwater lake with an extension of 800 ha n and drain standing water and adjacent Fr ro ro oy its tributary the M nico . The area comprising the lake and its surroundings is one of several ms and biol Zone areas vital to the maintenance of environmental quality in the northern pa s . Adem s , the area is a habitat h with a variety of flora and fauna and natural communities , many Nicaraguans or in danger of extinction n that make the area a site of international importance , as they are , along with the h zones you Medes south of Lake Nicaragua , one of the samples of zone h meda ms outstanding Meso Am rica of the major initial concerns of the administration n RVSCN , when the settlement was created, was the increase in population n in the areas of damping , the pressure on natural resources n (hunting, fishing ) and especially the type of agriculture that develop . Today this community despite encircle the shelter , does not participate in the benefits of the administration n gives its residents such as: selling services to tourism , artisanal fisheries , turtles at cr among others. Aware of the situation n , n the grouping of women, decide to implement in the plot org nica n the production as a means of developing the community, generating knowledge to other producers of settlement and community level to promote the consumption of free vegetables qu monkeys , integrating production No animal in the process ( chickens ) and using this as an attractive tourist stico initiative that has been supported by French students studying Engineers to Rural Areas and Hoteler to the region n to incorporate into their programs attractive , check out the plot and direct purchase of its products. General Objective To develop the production ny org nica as agribusiness development axis grouping ny community through change and development of various pr agr colas and livestock practices , developing the capacity of marketing of products and tourism management rural area to complement and marketing of space n . This will contribute to the disminuci n environmental impact in the area of buffer targets RVSCN GRAPHICS Spec 1 - Develop with the group of women and their families , the ability to produce org grains, vegetables and animals Ironically, both for home consumption and for sale in the community. 2 - Develop the capacity both in the group of women in their families to process and market farm products , building community spaces , experiences and experiences of rural tourism marketing of n outside the community . 3 - Develop the capacity to sustainably use the flow tur stico community through partnerships , learning and development initiatives development activity
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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