Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The Association for the protection of forests and watersheds (ASEPROBOSCU) will fund a or 2005. The organization is represented by a Board of Directors composed of four men and two women, prominent l deres of Veracruz community. Adem s has twelve associate members. The Association is composed of members of various local associations and l deres community concerned and committed to the environment. The community has several organizations: Association of development, womens Association, Association of producers (b basic grains), ASEPROBOSCU, Association administrator of the Rural Aqueduct and Board of education n, among others. Veracruz is inhabited by around 50 families dedicated mainly to the production of fr n jol and ma z. This regi n producers have been pioneers in plant breeding of species of beads b basic processes and are considered to be the breadbasket of Costa Rica. The topograf is very irregular and low forest cover so high erosion there is n, degradaci n from soils and contamination of water n. Spec specifically, one of the main reasons that origin ASEPROBOSCU Foundation is the worrying state of the basin of the Veracruz Creek, which flows through the community and is very useful for the people. This Gorge has been much affected by the deforestation as the contamination with qu n monkeys and waste org nicos, which has greatly degraded the flow and purity of the water. It is noteworthy that this association despite the short time of operation n has achieved important community projects. For example it has initiated a process of rotulaci n conservation message, thanks to the financial support of COOPEAGRI. RL and ECOMADERAS. Adem s, is built the structure of a nursery of 200 m2 for plant growing. Projected use in the cultivation of temporary nurseries for reforestaci n and the development of a project of afforest an loga, this structure has a cost of $2000 and is financing with funds that don raffle, an NGO in the United States. Adem s have been coordinating with MINAE to receive training and the National University which has given us talks through the Fel program interagency classroom M. Legalizaci n of the Association expenses, stationery to and management of projects n are covered with afiliaci n by the same fees. General objective: Protecting the resource h drico and assets and associated environmental services, through the reduction contamination sources n n, reforestaci n of m margins of the Quebrada de Veracruz and training for environmental awareness in the inhabitants of the community of Veracruz de Pejibaye P rez Zeled n. developing a program for the protectionthey preserved and sustainable use of the quebrada de Veracruz, for a better quality of life of its inhabitants and increase of the environmental goods and services associated with land and resource h drico.
Costa rica
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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