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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The main prop site of this project aims to strengthen the project of the Association of Progressive Women, Active P jaros Coast by improving conditions for greater butterfly projection n to the ecological tourist logical, improve nursery vegetation to support both mother n for n alimentation pupae butterflies of both the butterfly exhibition n to n the production of pupae. In turn, these resources are intended to put a space for the production of n butterfly pupae to try to break into the market for this type of product and manage the design or future Project hostel, which, along with the other components of the organization, further reinforcing the capabilities of the organization to generate income and improve the lives of our associates. P jaros Coast is a community located in the inner part of the Gulf of Nicoya at a distance of 15 kil meters northwest of Chomes approximate. Like other nearby towns, their inhabitants maintain high levels of impoverishment due to the almost exclusive reliance on artisanal fishing, which has declined considerably in the past to you. In turn, the jobs for women are virtually an invalid pr, what motiv in the year 1999 a group of women decided to organize to undertake productive projects that would provide them with the income generation n. Thus, the Association of Active and Progressive Mueres Coast P jaros to date has 17 active associated forms. Since then, the organization has received several grants that have been fundamental to the attainment of its objectives n. The first was given the year two thousand by the Program Peque as Grants UNDP which could start the project: Swimming n of a butterfly, a module for attention n visitor, tree nursery to include ornamental and native trees and purchase of equipment. A second donation was given with the Exchange Fund Debt Costa Rica-Canada, which was instrumental in acquiring the land of about 1800 square meters which is located in the project. A third donation was received from a program called IMAS-FUNDECOOPERACI N background with which it was possible to build a dining room and a panga which is currently used to transport visitors packing. Tambi n the Mixed Institute for Social Aid (IMAS) contribuy with the donation of an outboard for that Embarcaci n. During this period per the members of the Association have participated in numerous training activities on issues t technicians to manage the butterfly farm, administrative aspects of managing projects and the organizational part to create the conditions for self-management that it can go ms so aut running noma. In all these processes the Association has received continued support from institutions like the SGP / UNDP, Institute of Womens Studies and the School of Biolog aa trav s Gulf Programme of the National University, the ECMAR UNA, the National Institute Learning, the Joint Institute of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Environment and Energy a. It is legally registered with personer to jur dica force and are part of the Federation of the Women of the Gulf of Nicoya to trav s which we are projecting a network of rural tourism projects in this region ny we are incorporated as partners of ACT GENERAL PURPOSE : Strengthen the project of the Association of Women of Coastal P jaros by rehabilitating infrastructure and butterfly nursery, the construction production lab n n crafts as pupae and adult butterflies based, and general improvement of the garden na order to generate more income to the partner for the improvement of their living conditions and in turn decrease the negative effects on the marine resources of the Gulf of Nicoya. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: a. Remodel and condition the area of the butterfly for the proper maintenance of adult butterflies and for the enjoyment of visitors. b. Condition the nursery to meet, adem s sale of plants visitors, n the production of food for the larval and adult stages of butterflies. c. Refurbish the facade (garden improvement n) of land for the project is properly installed to provide vending services tur appliances. d. A properly equipped laboratory with battery for toilet and wash tools, larval and pupal count and conditioning necessary for creation of crafts as n. e. Project Enhance capabilities to provide accommodation services to visitors, planning at this stage to determine the cost and Statistics design or character of a hostel.
Costa rica
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