Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The Association of Women for Environmental Services, Agriculture and Microenterprise Find Las Pavas, Arenal (AMARPA), aware of the need to manage the b search of the new production n alternatives that improve family income and associated because they account reserve with an area of infrastructure b music, create relevant developing a project in which pr practices of rural ecotourism and agro ecological Conservation Zone be established; that allow for sustainable management of the resources of the Reserve area. An important aspect to note is that our project is located on a site that has great scenery stico scenario, as can be seen from all the Laguna de Arenal, Arenal Volcano National Park and Tenorio, Guatuso Plains, Project Plant E lic. Adem s having a surround aa points of inter s tur stico as: The dam and plant HYDROELECTRIC ctrica Arenal, Project E lico, lakes Coter, Wildlife Refuge Cano Black, the Arenal Volcano National Park and Caverns Deer, another aspect to consider is that there is a human resource with knowledge and experience in the field of execution of agro ecological practices Conservation Zone, adem s logical ecological tourism. While the settlement is located within an area estrat logic such as the Arenal TEMPISQUE CONSERVATION AREA (ACAT) and settlement is a priority for the agricultural sector which facilitates the support of institutions such as FUNDACA, MINAE, MAG, IDA, ICE, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, CITY, INA, ICT, other. Our main goal is to improve living conditions for men and women of the settlement Nuevo Arenal; n who promote sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in search of a more equitable society, trav n s of integration and community-oriented activities by logical to develop ecological tourism in the Reserve The Pavas General Objective: Support AMARPA the Association in developing an eco-tourism project that allows the rational use of natural resources in the community and thereby reduce the pressure exerted by the villagers n towards biodiversity Internships cacer to pr, deforestation, raising management options that ensure balance between din mico a discharge to society and ecosystems. N Promote the integration of the community, notably for building leadership capabilities MANAGEMENT ny affiliates; promoting the development of agro pr conservation practices, ecological tourism-oriented logical settlement of Nuevo Arenal, and at the same time to ensure the sustainable management and use of resources of the Reserve Las Pavas. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:-To protect and conserve the forest reserve area of Las Pavas to trav s of training on issues related to sustainable use of natural resources, the formation of n COVIRENAS, the establishment of forest resources that facilitate connectivity and steps pr rescue cultural practices through the establishment and use of ornamental and medicinal plants, aimed at Members share of the Association and the families of Las Pavas Settlement. -Strengthen the capacity MANAGERIAL n, leadership and organization Women and the Association of Settlement Las Pavas. -Generate revenue opportunities econ monkeys, implementing the logical and ecological tourism in the rural settlement Nuevo Arenal.
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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