Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Turrialba Biol logical Broker Jim nez ( CBTJ ) , is an initiative of inter institutional inter s , supported by community-based organizations , which requires the consolidation of its organization and projection n . This project is aimed at developing a strategy for participatory logical Corridor Biol . The same part of a consultative process that allows to know and diagnose the reality in the process of logical Biol Corridor , so that local capabilities are leveraged to meet the needs of information and can help solve problems differently Ndole unfolds perceived by communities as part of the strategy CBTJ in priority areas biol criteria sec n connectivity logic . The project aims to promote , through the promoted trav s for the running of CBTJ initiatives, biol cal connectivity between two important woodlands , existing in the Central Volcanic Cordillera nica and the Cordillera de Talamanca , separated by the environment agricultural and urban sub basin immediate Reventaz ro n , which in part is the area of CBTJ . CATIE , together with the dem s institutions of the committee MANAGERIAL n of CBTJ play a role of facilitators and advisors technicians t process , in which the main protagonists are residents of communities the priority areas of CBTJ , together with grassroots organizations and institutions. The proposal includes 3 goals, one of consultation and diagn stico , another preparation participatory n parallel strategy and one of divulgaci environmental and sensitization to the target population n , tending to involve the communities, groups and institutions in the area interactu n through activities such as interviews, workshops and training diagn stico , talks and coordination meetings with community organizations and institutions , analyzes and process evaluation will , tours, among others, in order to know their needs , problem and policy opportunities. Having designed the strategy work in a consultative and participatory manner , to enable the Committee Corridor manager Biol logical strengthened and consolidated , and as you move through the process MANAGERIAL n Guests may strengthen groups and partner institutions, promote proper management of land and natural resources in general and ultimately conserve biodiversity, it s not rea Corridor of biol logical , but in areas that allow it to connect. The total project cost is $ 37,362 and $ 19,530 is requested . These funds are intended to be n log expenses for guitar and execution of participatory events , promotional divulgaci ny n , as well as the purchase of equipment and materials used in them, mainly . The Committee MANAGERIAL n of CBTJ , composed of representatives of institutions and community-based groups , be responsible with CATIE to ensure proper use of funds, which represent an alternative to the better use of what the partners have made since the Committee inici MANAGERIAL n , including the participation of under APOT (Association of Producers of Turrialba Org mechanics ) as the basic organization wide community representation n , is identified with logical Biol Corridor initiative highlights and has been one of its main promoters. General Objective Objective Development Corridor Consolidate Biol logical connectivity , essential for Conservation of wild biodiversity , including protected areas in the vicinity of the Corridor logical Turrialba biol - Jim nez ( CBTJ ) , integrating in this area the Conservation of ecosystems and the development of sustainable productive activities. Overview of project design and implement a strategy t technique and impact on citizens and local and national institutions involved , leading to the formation and consolidation of Turrialba logical Corridor biol - Jim nez ( CBTJ ) , with a wide participation of institutions n promote this process. Objectives Spec GRAPHICS 1) design a logical strat development program CBTJ , based on consultation , validation ny agreements with key 2 players ) Consolidate spaces for participatory development of an overall strategy for working with advocacy on priority sites identified 3) No appropriation and sensitization of key policy problem on connectivity Conservation and local actors in the region to facilitate n promote CBTJ
Costa rica
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