Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Project Description: To increase the awareness of the effect of climate vulnerability and change at the local level and improve the infrastructure for drainage to reduce the vulnerability of Calibishie (Specifically in back street area) to flooding and to increase the capacity to the community to manage risk associated to climate change impact. Calibishie is a scenic village situated in the parish of St. Andrews along the North East Coast of Dominica and bounded as follows: North- Atlantic Ocean, South- Forest Reserve, West- Hampstead River, East - Hodges River The community is a low lying area below sea level and is prone to flooding, landslide, mudslide and sea surge. The population is about one thousand and seventeen (1017) and four hundred and seventy-nine households,(479). The economic centre of activity, public buildings, social services and main public road are also located in this narrow coastal strip, sections of which are below sea level as evidenced by the slow moving streams and mangrove-type vegetation on their banks. The main economic activities are farming, fishing and tourism. The Community of Calibishie can boast of its natural resources such as beaches, coral reefs, view points and forests plantation. The beauty and cleanliness of the village attracts many visitors and nationals alike. The project was designed to protect the community by achieving the following: Construction output of a concrete drain to allow the better flow of water outcome from the two rivers The construction of the concrete drain at the back of the village to reduce water erosion and flooding near homes and agricultural lands Through the capacity building component that aims at developing the ability of the community. Community leaders and others will be better trained in disaster management practices that will reduce erosion, intense soil and allow easy free flow of frequent waters. The constructed drain is not only a way to protect the community against climate risks, but will help residence to properly dispose of their garbage Planting output of trees along the drain , river and sea coast Potential Barriers To The Implementation Of The Project: The implementation can be interrupted by change in weather patterns. Sufficient persons will be engaged to undertake project to expedite the process Co-financing can be a major problem. The implementing committee should be able to identify other potential donors. Developing project proposal, the committee should incorporate the expertise of other person. Sharing of information, before implementation the community will be aware of the development so that their services can be utilized More research public education on climate change risk and possible The community will be better able to take necessary action in floods/storms have a better response mechanism Benefit to the community: Easing the burdens of the proponent Project activities will reduce risks of flooding by enabling a regular flow of water. The project also contains a capacity building component that aim at developing the ability of the community. How will global environmental benefits be secured Global Environments Benefits Reasoning The project aims at protecting about 2200 feet of land from continuous erosion and flooding. Protection and increased vegetation in and around the project site reduce setting of rivers/sea shore. The community has also committed to monitor the dumping of garbage into the drain and the council to enforce the litter laws and strengthen the litter wardens. Siltage, reduction of solid waste into sea. The global environment benefits will be secured by assessing the impact at the local level. Different methodology will be used depending on the context and nature of the project.. Describe how adaptation measures will reduce risks from climate change Reducing risk to ecosystem: The construction of the concrete drain will allow the river water to flush in and out and so the ecosystem will rehabilitate itself. The drain will also protect the top soil from erosion The project will also assist in reducing pollution of the environment that is the silt and other debris will be flushed, thus increasing the population of the fishes in the rivers Increased vegetation on slopes will reduce erosion and sea shore plants Will increase stability, reduce erosion, enable sand build up at shore line
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