Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The project aims to set the frameworks, institutions and systems in place for protection and management of key species of wildlife in an extended corridor, starting from Gumot National Park in Muzaffarbad District to the western periphery of Deosai, Northern Area. It will span over Neelam valley past Sharda town, Shontar valley, Gurez valley, and passing over the Kamri top extends to the Bubind village in the North, and the Minimarg valley in the South. The project area is bound on the North by Dudupat National Park in the NWFP. The project will be implemented by the local community organizations with support from the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF). The Government of AKJ acting on a proposal put forward by the community representatives in the Gumot valley have recently declared the Gumot National Park (GNP) through a notification issued under the relevant wildlife legislation. This declaration is of historical significance in AJK and Pakistan as it is for the first time that the community itself has taken the initiative to bring an area under the national park system. Supporting the local communities and the AJK government in the development and management of this national park and extending this initiative to the adjacent forests and rangelands is therefore of utmost importance as the foundation of partnership between the community and the government has already been laid, and demonstration of a success of this partnership can provide an example for conservation initiatives in the region. The key species of concern are the musk dear, black bear, brown bear, common and snow leopards which are on the IUCN Red List. In addition, species that will benefit from the project include the Tibetan wolf, Indian and snow leopards, ibex, and birds like Monal and Kaleej Pheasants and other mammals. The proposed project area is not covered by any other project activity at present. The project will connect to a system of protected areas in the NAs, AJK, and the NWFP through community managed conservation areas to provide migration corridors and habitat extensions that are critical in genetic survival of the species of concern.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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