Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Project objectives: 1. To make the reservoir of 1280 squire acres with protection wall and installation of Water Gats for the rehabilitation of Nararri Lagoon. 2. Awareness raising and capacity building of 3000 community members and other stakeholders on environmental issues. 3. To make the future strategy for sustainability of lagoon. Activities to be carried out under project: Generally, activities will be carried out to demonstrate technologies and practices for addressing relevant environmental problems (particularly inefficient energy use) by installing energy efficient products and environmentally friendly technologies, awareness raising and capacity building at community level of individuals, COs and relevant NGOs, and by sharing of experience through exchange visits, networking. 1. To conduct the survey of 1280 sq acres through SIDA. 2. To build the water reservoir of 1280 sq acres with a three sided (North, South and vest of lagoon) protection wall constructed by mud. 3. Ensure the elucidation the Mosquite, Tamarix and Alhagi. 4. To install the water gates from two sides of lagoon (North for In and south for out). 5. To establish the site office at Nararri Lagoon for direct interventions. 6. To conduct the lobbying meetings with Irrigation Department for the improving condition Grahrri branch which is the source of water flowing for filling the reservoir. 7. Involve the community in activities for the sustainability. 8. Conduct extensive baseline survey of the villages surrounding the Nararri. 9. Continuously community mobilization meetings for formation of 10 COs with equal participation of male and female and make effective coordination for the implementation of project activities. 10. Select the group of 25 activist persons with the equal participation of male and female for the capacity building through the trainings. 11. Conduct the 10 awareness sessions on health hygiene on village level. 12. Organize 02 training workshops for community members on environmental issues and community organization. 13. Arrange 01 field visit, journalists and locale Ngo s 14. Arrange the one consultative workshop with Line Department. 15. Consultative workshop with stake holders. 16. Arrange the 1 medical camp for providing the relief to 500 community members. 17. Organize 02 District seminars with the participation of 200 community members and other stakeholders in each for awareness on environmental issues and the rehabilitation of Nararri Lagoon. 18. Publications of 2000 posters in 2 different designs. 19. Publications of 2000 calendars of 2010. 20. Take consultancy of IUCN for making the future strategy. Project Stakeholders and Beneficiaries Stakeholders UNDP DDP IUCN Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF) Wild Life Department Sindh Irrigation Department Authority (SIDA). Local NGOs, CBOs and professionals Local government Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Population of Nararri Lagoon Beneficiaries 3000 members including women, children and men of community members are directly beneficiaries surrounding the Nararri Lagoon and other stake holders of Sindh. Anticipated output of project: 1. Population of Nararri Lagoon organized in the form of 10 Cos with equal representation of male and female community members. 2. 3000 Community members of Nararri Lagoon, union council: Ahmad Rajo and Bhughrra Memon, district Badin organized and mobilized for collective action for saving their natural resources. 3. 25 Members with equal participation of male and female are trained on environmental issues. 4. Cultural resources of income generation rehabilitated due to production of elephant grass. 5. Directly and indirectly more than 15000 Community members are able to generate and improve their economic conditions. 6. The risks of unhygienic and unhealthy conditions including water born disease reduced among the surrounded villages. 7. 1000 community members are able to take relief from medical camps. 8. The shelter condition of community improved through the production of elephant grass and others bush and naturally grass. 9. Local community members are able to take the proper nutrition through the breathing of fish in reservoir. 10. Out migration controlled due to rehabilitation of local livelihood resources and mostly families are come back to their home land. 11. Ramsar site rehabilitated and grow to its original position. 12. Future strategy prepared through technical organization IUCN. 13. It is expected that path of Siberian birds, Indus fly way zone rehabilitated. 14. Publications are available on lagoon. 15. Environmental organizations and stakeholders are sensitized.
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Our Reference Number
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