Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
The project aims to improve water management and utilization in the drought stricken communities by helping them to be able to adapt to and contribute to mitigate impacts of CC in target area of Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province. According to VRA conducted in the area, the need for irrigation and domestic consumption is priority for human and livestock as the drought period tends to last longer. In 2010, Vathanakpheap had built a spill way at Bathou lake to maintain water for irrigation but as the irrigation canals is dilapidated and sedimented, the project will have to collaborate with the sectoral department, local authority and villagers in the target area to rehabilitate a 2,600m canal, 2 communal ponds, and build a new communal pond. Besides, the project plans to help build capacity of the reservoir management committee on water management skills and awareness on impacts of CC so that they can take on the management responsibility and share the understanding within the community, and also to mobilize community participation in planting trees in Bathou lake, at school, pagoda and homestead. To improve agricultural production and income, the project will provide training on improved farming and seeds to 40 households and also ensure an expanse access to credit from existing saving groups in the community. The project will also help strengthen capacity of the saving groups on record keeping and financial management and facilitate in looking for market for their products. 1.2 Project goal To reduce vulnerability and enhance capacity for adaptation to CC and contribute to mitigating drought impacts through maintaining water for community utilization and improvement of household income with the community in Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province. Specific objective of the project includes: Objective 1: To reduce vulnerability to drought through collaboration with local authority and building partnership in communal pond and canal rehabilitation by the end of 2012 for crop irrigation; and Objective 2: To increase household income among local villagers in the community from increased rice and livestock production. 1.3 Project outcome Outcome 1.1: Access to sufficient water for villagers in Tourl Sdey and Chantrea communes for irrigating their crops and 60% of villagers in both communes have access to drinking water all year round; and Outcome 2.1: Increased access by 60 households from 7 villages in Tourl Sdey and Chantrea communes to credit from the project to buy high quality rice seed for improving their production. 1.4 Expected outputs and major activities for the project Output 1.1.1: Capacity to harvest rainwater increased through rehabilitation and building of 1 new and 2 existing ponds respectively for access by 240 households in 3 villages, Chantrea district. Activities - Meeting with local villagers to announce the project and select location for building 1 new ponds, 20m x 30mx 2.5m, and rehabilitate 2 existing ponds, 20m x 20m x 2m, including exploration for potential contribution by beneficiaries; - Convening a meeting with commune procurement committee to organize bidding and selection of qualified contractor for building and rehabilitation of ponds; - Monitoring and evaluation of performance of the contractor; and - Development of agreement to hand over ponds to the community. Output 1.1.2: Accessibility to water is secured through rehabilitation of a 2,600m canal, bottom width 1m, top width 6m and depth 1.5 m, for irrigating existing 40 ha dry season rice and expansion to other 45 ha and for home gardening. Activities - Open access to water from Bathou lake, in collaboration with officials from provincial DOWRAM and local authority; - Organize meeting with local villagers to announce the plan for rehabilitation of 2,600 m canal and seeking villagers contribution; - Organize, in collaboration with Chantrea district procurement committee, for bidding and development of contract with winning bidder; - Monitoring and evaluation of performance of the contractor; and - Organize to transfer their rehabilitated canal to the community. Output 1.1.13: Capacity of 35 members of existing water management committee and 15 members of pond management enhanced through training. Activities - Provide training for the existing 35 committee members on maintenance and management of canal; - Develop by-law governing use of the canal and disseminate to community; - Provide training for 15 new pond management committee members; and - Develop by-law government use and management of the ponds and disseminate to local villagers. Output 1.1.4: Awareness raised with 35 existing water management committee on CC so they can share with local villagers. Activities - A one day awareness campaign on CC and adaption with villagers in 7 villages; and - A one day campaign for tree planting in Bathou lake, school campus, pagoda, and public areas within the commune. Output 2.1.1: Seven SHGs organized in the 7 villages to enhance access to credit for dry season rice farming. Activities - Meeting with villagers in each village to raise understanding of rule for making loan; - Provision of 1 day training on financial management and reporting for existing self-help group management committee; - Review and revision of existing by-law, and disseminate among communities; - Operationalization of SHG fund for villagers to by seeds; and - Regular quarterly meeting of the self-help group to update on its fund. Output 2.1.2: Food
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