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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Badin is poorest district of country. It is situated in the southern part of Sindh province. According to the 1998 national consensus, the population of Badin was 1136040; about 85 percent of population is lives in rural areas, with farming as their main occupation. In coastal Sindh most farmers traditionally keep few heads of bullocks or cattle for milk and poultry for eggs and meat. There have been many traditional communities in the coastal area exclusively depend on livestock for their livelihoods. . However the importance of livestock as source of income has declined after 2003 floods due to disease and sale of animals as a coping mechanism. It is necessary to take efforts for preservation of the breeds which can survive in this area and can provide more income to the poor farmer families. Following are major reasons of this proposed intervention 1. The very important breed of Richhi sheep is threatened, it is necessary to take measures for preservation of the breed. 2. For poverty eradication in farmer community in is necessary to take steps for more income generation of that community. Location of project: Union Council Ahmed Rajo District Badin Starting date: Subject to the date of approval of project. Duration: One year Project objectives: 1. Conserving the threatened breed of Ricchi Sheep in District Badin by the project period 2. Mobilizing communities to increase rearing of Ricchi Sheep in the targeted villages 3. Networking and coordination with livestock department Badin Activities to be carried out under project: 1. Establishing a Model Farm of 50 Richhi Sheep in coastal area of Badin 2. Raising awareness of the communities/beneficiaries on diseases, measures and farming of Ricchi Sheep and conserve the sheep 3. selection of at least 50 poor community members for providing Ricchi sheep on agreement that they will not sell out the sheep for at least three years 4. conduct mobilization meetings with the selected group 5. Supply at least 50 sheep to the selected poor families 6. conduct coordination meetings with livestock department District Badin 7. To Identify and train progressive livestock keepers in the area 8. inauguration of the model farm 9. To organize distribution ceremony in the district jointly with ROPA Badin. 10. To introduce the sheep in major livestock markets of District Badin to increase rearing. 11. Printing a quarterly publication for the purpose of promotion of rearing of Richhi sheep in coastal belt. 12. monitoring and evaluation of the project activities 13. organize provincial conference on Ricchi Sheep jointly with ROPA Badin 14. joint collaboration in organizing distribution ceremony and provincial conference. This activity is added as per suggestion of the NSC. Project stakeholders and beneficiaries: SEWA, Farmers of the area, community members of the Union Council Ahmed Rajo, District Government (Agriculture and Animal husbandry Department) and representatives of NGOS and CCBs. Anticipated output of project:The project is expected to prevent the extinction of very important breed of Richhi sheep with the involvement of local communities and Government Departments by increasing sheep population and production as well as sustaining and improving the local environment. The specific anticipated results are as under: 1. Communities are mobilized to conserve the threatened species of Richhi sheep 2. A model farm of at least 50 sheep is established at Deh Bhandho near village Misri Bhatar UC Seerani district Badin. 3. Rearing of sheep is ensured through supply of 50 sheep to poor farmer families 4. Increased income of 50 poor families in the area. 5. Quarterly magazine published for knowledge of farmers, Government officials and other people. 6. Through awareness progressive farmers, livestock keepers and communities are able to rear the indigenous species of Richhi sheep. 7. Documented lessons learnt on the sustainable management of Ricchi Sheep
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