Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Species conservation, control on poaching, improvement of natural resources for alternative livelihood, capacity building of community/ partners. Lessons learnt will be shared with other stakeholders and interested organizations/ individuals. Operational program/short term measures: The project will focus on biodiversity in the mountain ecosystem of Takatu Hills. The target area lies in the arid zone. The project area is an important site forbiodiversity. Project linkages to national priorities, action plan, and programs: The national conservation strategy and recently approved Balochistan conservation strategy put emphasis on community participation to conserve biodiversity. Biodiversity action plan of Pakistan recognizes the importance and role of custodian communities in managing their natural resources. Section II, chapter 15 of Agenda 21 also aimes at supporting the Conve:1tion on Biological Diversity to which Pakistan is a party. Suleman Markhor and Afghan Urial are on decline in the province except in Torghar Hills in the province. Organizations like WWF and IUCN have put emphasis on conserving these species urgently. Nature of the Community Group or NGO seeking an award under the GEF NGO Small-Grants Programme: is a local CBO working for the betterment of in the area and specifically the wildlife It is represented by a various tribal groups in area. The CBO has experience in the community Wrore Galvi environment protection. the project development and is also active for the conservation of natural resources.. There are 10 members in the board of CEO represented from different villages and sub tribes. Local community is an indigenous group of Balochistan`s tribes. The CEO has been registered with the Population and Social Welfare Department, government of Balochistan. The CEO is already involved in protection and conservation of wildlife and natural resources in this proposed project area. Name and Address of the organization: Takatu Wrore Galvi Taraqee Quetta district. Tanzeem, Killi Saraghurgi, Principal Officers:Mr. Abdul Malik is the President Khan is Chairperson of the CBO. and Mr. Malik Mohammed Nature of Proposed Activity: The proposed activities are to practice and demonstrate conservation and sustainable management of globally significant wildlife and associated biodiversity in the project area through the involvement of local communities, those are: 1. To raise awareness about importance of natural resources especially Suleman Markhor and Afghan Urial and associated biodiversity through dialogues, Jargas, meeting, training, exposure/study tours 2. To mobilize community through formation of sub committees in the project area on th.e basis of villages/tribes and sub tribes 3. To start alternate Livelihood Development through improvement and development of natural resources such as water & soil conservation activities, nursery raising etc. 4. To protect and conserve Suleman Markhor, Afghan Urial and associated biodiversity in the area through community game guards. 5. To prepare and implement the conservation and development plans 6. To start and implement participatory M 7. To exchange information and lessons learnt through this project to different stakeholders TPhriem aryp rOimbajercyt ive: objective of the proposed project is to conserve the two game species namely Suleman Markhor and Afghan Urial and sustainably use the natural resources. Active involvement of different stakeholder, especially the local communities will be sought. Location/Beneficiaries/Partners: There are 10 villages in the project area with a population of 12000. A few more villages with a population of 18000 also influence the natural resources in the project area. So the total population in the area is 30,000/. The name of the villages are: Killi Saraghurgi, Killi Shabak, Killi Shagloon, Killi Mangla, Killi Saran Tangi, Killi Zawarkan, Killi Nalli, Killi Nagha, Killi Mughtian and Killi Omai. The women will also participate in the activities such as plantation of fuel wood lots to reduce distance covered by them in collecting fuel wood. Background: The Takatu Range is an ideal habitat for Suleman Markhor, Afghan Urial and associated biodiversity in the arid ecosystem in Pakistan. The area is famous for its richness in flora and fauna of arid ecosystem in the region. Traditionally people were fond of hunting for leisure and subsistence needs. However, presently there is a negative impact on the biodiversity of area due to increase in human population and excessive use of natural resources by the community. Illegal poaching/hunting, mostly by influential people, in the project area is a big threat for the remaining population of Suleman Markhor and Afghan Urial. Part of the project area is state forest managed by the Forest Department, according to an agreement arrived with the local tribes during the British Rule. The local communities have certain rights of taking natural resources and visit the habitat. Due to increase in human population, the people mostly use it for collection of fuel wood, medicinal plants as well as grazing more than its carrying capacity. As a result, the status of flora and fauna is degrading and habitat can not sustain even the remaining animals. A few individuals from the area help the poachers for illegal hunting of Markhor, Urial and partridges. Threats: The two species have suffered heavy their habitat due to the following: decline as well as Decline in effectiveness of the Forest
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