Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
Pakistan has accepted the responsibility to protect the wildlife and their habitats through various national and international conventions. For example through Bonn Convention, Pakistan is obliged to protect the migratory birds, through CITES, Pakistan has to stop the trade of endangered species, and through Ramsar convention, it has to protect its wetland resources. The National Conservation Strategy also demands the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. However, either these responsibilities are not known or these are taken for granted because of the lack of effective coordination or because of the lack of a coordinating agency and its technical capacity to provide needful inputs to achieve the overall national conservation goals. By way of the proposed workshop a comprehensive report containing the recommendations will be prepares. This report will be able to point out the responsibilities of different agencies and governments regarding the conservation of species and their habitats, and determine the ways and means to meet such responsibilities on, national and provincial level. Major impact of the project will be establishment of the national priorities of research and management and conservation in accordance with the national and international conventions. Also an effective coordination between national and provincial agencies will be established. PROJECT OBJECTIVES are: To establish the national priorities of research and management in the field of wildlife management and conservation in accordance with the demands of the national and international strategies and conventions. To establish ways and means for effective co-ordination by GOP /National Council for the Conservation of Wildlife (NCCW) between various related agencies for meeting the national targets of nature conservation. Activities to be carried out under project: Review, enlist and compile the responsibilities of Pakistan under various national and international conservation strategies and conventions. Consult provincial wildlife managers, research organizations and NCCW to know their roles and achievements in terms of coordination with different provinces. Their current strength and capacity to perform such roles. Hold workshops inviting key researchers, provincial wildlife managers and concerned decision makers to discuss and finalize the ways and means to fulfill our national and international obligations. Project participants and/ or beneficiaries~ WWF, in close collaboration with the government functionaries who are related in one way or the other with the conservation of biodiversity. BENEFI CIARIES: The main beneficiaries of this project are the policy makers,conservationists, and wildlife managers/experts. Anticipated results of the project: A comprehensive report on various conventions and their specific requirements to protect species and their habitats in Pakistan for the guidance, and time and budget commitments of wildlife managers, researcher, policy makers and related NGO`s in Pakistan. Identification of the missing links in the conservation approaches of various organizations. Recommendations to develop, improve and maintain effective coordination between researchers and managers and between various provinces to manage wildlife species. Identification of a list of potential field conservation projects for circulation to, and implementation by various research organizations and donor agencies and for WWF -Pakistan to establish priority for funding in the near future. WWF-Pakistan (WWF-P) is the largest non-profit-making, nongovernmental, nature conservation organization working in Pakistan with offices in six major cities. WWF`s involvement in Pakistan dates from the mid-1960s. In 1970 it became a National Organization. WWFP is headed by a President who is supported by a Board of Governors, a Scientific Committee and a Chief Executive Officer (who is the incharge of WWF-Pakistan based in Lahore). WWF-P has different divisions including a Conservation Division, Communication Division, Education Division, Fund-raising Division, Environmental Monitorin~ Division, Policy Division and Finance and Administration Division. The Conservation and Education Division are located in all provinces of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. WWF has more than 1500 individual members and about 75 corporate members. The total annual budget is 45 million rupees. How the proposed activity will be carried out: (a) Role of the recipient NGO or community organization.through WWF -Pakistan. (b) Role(s) of partner organizations. (c) How award funds will be used, i.e., for purchases of equipments or supplies, personnel, consultant advice, revolving loan fund, etc. Funds will be used for the coordination support to GOP (NCCW) to establish research and management priorities by holding 3 workshops and printing the reports. These workshops will be attended by key researchers, provincial wildlife managers and concerned decision makers. They will be paid professional fee and also their travel expenses and per diem will be paid. (d) Provision for scientific and technical advice/or assistance and proposed source(s) of assistance. Yes. As the workshops will be attended by specialists enormous scientific and technical assistance will be provided to the relevant groups. (e) Provision for dialogue or networking with other NGOs or community groups; networking goals; location of other groups. Yes. These workshops will provide a forum where coordin
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