Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Community Forestry (CF) protection and sustainable livelihood project will be implemented in 5 villages with a focus on poor households, female headed households, households with physical challenge or discriminated households, households with many small children, those with little farmland and also most affected by droughts, with failed agricultural production. The project will work with households willing and committed to engage in the implementation of the project and to receive training on integrated home gardening - pig, chicken, duck, and fish raising and vegetable, orchard, and rice - and vaccination and composting. 270 beneficiaries in 10 groups in Ampil and Krasaing communes, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province, will receive initial support, while other 175 beneficiaries will access revolving fund in the following year. The CF protection and sustainable livelihood project will work actively and closely with village and commune authorities, district Agricultural office, Forestry and Fisheries Administrations, provincial DoE, and other provincial line departments to deliver trainings and advise as well as monitor the project implementation, and ensure recognition local authorities, and the achievement of the project s results. The project will facilitate the establishment of various farmer groups including agriculture, fish conservation groups, strengthen community fisheries, ensure CF registration with the FA, establish self-help groups, set up committees of village and commune rice seed banks , organize role model farmers in integrated home gardening, and coordinate with village and commune disaster management committees to respond to emergencies. 1.2 Project goal To ensure food security in the project area and therefore contribute to the prevention of illegal clearing in the community forest area. 1.3 Project objectives Specific project objectives: Objective 1: To reduce risks in agricultural production and enhance rice yield among 270 households in 5 villages, 2 communes, who are facing prolonged droughts as a result of CC; Objective 2: To establish CF in Trapaing Pika, Ampil commune, and build their capacity to protect the forest for its sustainable support to livelihood of the local poor; and Objective 3: To establish 5 rice banks with 250 members to reduce the risk of the shortage of quality rice seeds that are resistant to drought. 1.4 Project outcome Outcome 1: Capacity to adapt to CC built with at least 70% of the community members through improvement of their agricultural production; Outcome 2: Local capacity for CF management in Trapaing Pik village, Ampil commune, improved by 70%; and Outcome 3: At least 80% of the community members have access to and use rice backs and as a result, reduce the risk of seed shortages (from 2-3 months) during drought periods. 1.4 Expected outputs and main activities Output 1.1.1 (Outcome 1.1, Objective 1): An appropriate integrated agriculture system resistant to CC impact delivered to 270 households in Ampil and Krasaing communes. Activities - Develop criteria for the selection of farmers to participate in integrated farming group; - Organize farmers groups and form the committees for the integrated farming groups; - Provide training on integrated farming in collaboration with district and provincial Departments of Agriculture; - Provide 4 two-day trainings for the committees of the integrated farming groups; - Facilitate 10 meetings for the development of by-laws for the integrated faming groups; and - Provide funding to participants in the integrated farming groups. Output 2.1.1 (Outcome 2.1, Objective 2): Forest in Trapaing Pika CF, Ampil commune, is effectively protected and all illegal logging is prevented. Activities - Organize 30 events to raise awareness on the provisions of forestry and environmental laws; - Facilitate, through cooperation with Forestry Division, for formal endorsement on a timely manner of Trapain Pika CF; - Facilitate the provision of training for CF committee; - Organize, in coordination with local authorities at village, commune and district levels, quarterly meetings with CF committees; - Facilitate 2 workshops at the district level; - Facilitate the design and production of banner and posters; - M & E on compliance with the CF by-law; - Study visits; - Facilitate the provision of 5,000 saplings of three species including Koki, Chheuteal, and Angkanh for planting on the Arbor Day; - Facilitate patrolling; and - Organize a community environmental day, with 100 participants. Output 3.1.1 (Outcome 3.1, Objective 3): Food shortage and debts by 270 households in 5 villages in Krasaing and Ampil commune during drought period are reduced. Activities: - Convene 5 meetings to raise awareness on the importance of rice seed bank; - Facilitate 5 meetings, each for a day and with 54 participants, to develop criteria for selection of rice bank members; - Facilitate the development of 5 rice bank by-law, each for a day with 54 participants and provide 5,000kg rice for each village; - Facilitate the development and signing on 5 agreements on provision of rice seed; - Provide 3 trainings, each for 2 days, for 25 members of the rice bank committees; - Organize an annual workshop to reflect on the project implementation; - Conduct 2 VRAs in 5 villages; - Conduct a project evaluation.
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