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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Sustainable conservation of watershed and improving livelihood of Community Protected Area (SCWILCPA) in the top of Kulen Mountain at Khnang Phnom Commune, Svay Lue District, Siem Reap province project is designed to improve the economic and ecological resilience of the Community members who live in the top of Kulen Mountain by introducing integrated agricultural technique, sustainable water consumption, reforestation over 25 ha of degraded land and conservation of 940 ha of the Kulen National Park . Goal: Improving Livelihood of Community Protected Areas (CPA) and conserved watershed areas through Sustainable use and Conservation of Kulen CPA. Project objectives: (i) By mid of 2014 940 ha of CPA in Kulen Mountain National Part are protected and sustainable management through capacity building of committees, develop management plan, fire road, demarcation and re-planting the tree over 25 ha of degraded land. (ii) By mid of 2014, 4 watersheds (Teok Chup) are protecting and can provide enough water for communities through established water user committees use of water, build the water spillway, repair type connection system for household consumption and crops growing. (iii) The sustainable livelihood development of 350 families who are members of Kulen CBA through establishing 14 self-help groups for chicken raising and crops growing. (iv) 35 farmers will become Demo- farm for communities showing in target groups for extension project activities and commune council integrated main activities into commune investment planning. Project activities: Planting 6250 tree seedling over 25has of degraded land in 5 targeted CPAs. Build 5 patrolling Houses 3m x 4m for 5 targeted CPA. Make forest fire roads of 5 CPA, demarcation with 250 cement poles and painting on the big trees. Installation of sign board in front of Commune Office. Build capacity to committees and members on forest protection, problem solving and develop CPA management plan. Build the reservoir at Chup Thnal Dach (size 2m x 2m x 2m x 1.5m) and build spillway at Chup Deiy Khmau (15m x 1m x 0.5m) and install water system that has distance 900m and rehabilitation reservoir for storing water for 130 families at Anlong Thom village. Form water user groups, develop regulation, structure, and contribution capital for maintenance the system Conduct field visit to Cham Bok s community at Kampong Speou province. Rehabilitation reservoir and installation the water type system of 500m for 20 families at Khla Khmum village. Form project management committee Establish 7 self-held groups for providing first grant Provide technical training on chicken raising and home gardening. Establish 7 self-help groups for continue through passing the grief concept and provide technical training skills on chicken raising and vegetable growing. Prepare schedule for continue grant transferring into target group. Prepare schedule for continue grant transferring out-site target group Selected 35 families as model farmers for Demo-plots to show to other members in and out site of the target groups. Conducting Mid-term reflection workshop Develop case study Develop Video story of the successful cases for extension and distribute to relevance actors. Assist Commune Council (CCs) and project management committees for integrated project activities into commune investment plan through grant transferring. Outputs: 6,250 tree seedling are planted on the 25 ha of degraded land were at the community (Prey Thom 2, Prey Phnom Kdouch, Prey Phnom Manos and Chup Thnol Tasok). 5 patrolling houses were constructed 5 CPA s management plans have developed and some of activities have been implemented 5 CPA forest fire roads were constructed and demarcated with 2500 poles. Four watershed Araes/sping water (Toeuk Chup) have conservation/protected for improving ecology. Two watersheds (Toeuk Chup) in Anlong Thom village build water reservoirs and build the spillway for water supplies to 130 families. Four water user committees / 20 members and including 8 ladies are functioning. A reservoir in Kla Khmum village will be repaired and maintenance water system for supplying water to 20 families. Seven self- help groups (175 members) are receiving first capital for chicken raising and growing plant. Seven self-help groups (175 members) will receive transfer capital for chicken raising and growing plant. Seven self- help groups has granted the first capital for chicken raising and growing plant will continue to transfer capital to the next 7 community members in target group based on the agreement Seven self- help groups has granted the first capital for chicken raising and growing plant will continue to transfer capital to the next 7 community members out site target group based on the agreement 35 model farmers are selected for experiment in the model farms for extension activities to show to others families in 5 communities. Five case studies has been developed and published for distribute to target beneficiaries authorities and other actors. Make video record of the project activities for making video show and distribute to relevance s actors, Communities leaders and council commune has integrated activities in commune investment plan.
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