Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The project is aiming at restoration of eco-system in zone 4 of Stune Seim Reap watershed Land scape management areas through building capacity of communities to conserve of 10 ha of forest and establishing 9 ha of Community Fisheries Conservation areas in increase natural fish stock. In order to support communities to build resilience livelihood to the present climate Change impact, the project also rehabilitation of 2500m small canal and 70m of dam to that they have enough water to increase crops yields of more than 500ha. Integrating Farming System also introduces to 100 farmers and five women saving will be organizing to help them to create more option for their livelihood. Goal and Objectives: Goal: To promoting Community livelihood through: irrigation system, agriculture activities, strengthening capacity of community fishery and community forestry in sustainable in Kok Thlok Leu commune, Chi Kraeng district, Siem Reap Province. Objectives: i. Fish productive will be increase and 10 hectares of community forestry land has been protected and the trees growing up in Kok Thlok Leu commune by the end of 2014. ii. Farmer 427 of family s increasing of crop yield and productivity by irrigation system rehabilitation and providing the technical at the end of 2014. iii. Livelihoods of 427 families are improved through to establishing the women saving group and rice bank. capacity. Expected project Outputs: 1. 10 hectares forest land is well protected through establishing community forestry committee in Kok Thlok Leu commune 2. Reactivate and strengthening Community Fisheries Conservation areas of 9 hectares in Makak Reservoir for increasing natural fish stock and improving community livelihood. 3. 3,000 trees will be planted around the dams, canals, school and beside the roads. 4. Rehabilitated of old dam 70 m and old canal 2,500 m which can be watered of 500 hactares of rice fields. 5. One Sub Water Use Association Committee is (WUAC) established and official recognize by PDoWRAM to management the rehabilitation of irrigation system. 6. 100 families trained on integrated farming and 50% of families apply for technical. 7. Five women saving groups are established and well-functioning. 8. 5 Rice bank are established and well-functioning in 4 villages for model of Kok Thlok Lue commune. 9. Three case studies and one photo stories will be produced and printing to share with the community, local authority, and other key stakeholders. 10. Some of main activities will be taken and mainstreaming into the Commune Investment Plan (CDP). Project mains activities 1) Establish one community Forestry Fommittee and provide training on leadership, forestry law, and forest regularization in Kok Thlok Leu commune, Chi Kraeng district, Siem Reap province. 2) Mapping and Demarcation of CFoC areas ( 10 hectares of existing forest land) 3) Prepared and set up the border gate of the community forestry protection 4) Meeting with CFo members to disseminate of CFoC internal Rules and Regulations 5) Reactive and strengthening capacity for one Community Fisheries Committee of 9 hectares conservation area in Makak reservoir. 6) Produce three billboards on the fishery conservation area with the messages of illegal fishing and illegal fishing-equipment (2 on Makak water reservoir main street and 1 in front of Kok Thlok Leu commune office) 7) Purchase 100 pieces of concrete water pipe to keep in the community fishery protection area in Makak water reservoir (300m x 300m) 8) Ceremony of 10,000 fish releasing to Makak s reservoir by district, MAFF, local authority, UNDP, student, communities and other stakeholders. 9) Planting 3,000 trees around the dams, canals and school. 10) Rehabilitated of old dam 70 m and old canal 2,500 m. 11) Establish one Sub Water Use Association Committee is (WUAC). 12) WUAC are trained on leadership and Association Management 13) Selecting 100 families for provide trained on integrated farming to become the model farmer. 14) Provide training to the selected 100 families on Integrated Farming from Department of Agriculture (DoAFF) 15) Conduct study tour for the best 15 model farmers (out of the 100 families) and 2 SCO staffs to study with farmer of CEDAC at Takeo Province 16) Establish five women saving groups in 4 villages of Kok Thlok Lue commune. 17) Organize training on Book keeping and groups management 18) Provide starting up capital to women saving groups 19) Establish 5 Rice bank in 4 villages for model in Kok Thlok Lue commune. 20) Building new 5 Rice/Seed storage 21) Provide starting up Rice Seed to Rice/Seed Bank groups 22) Produce case studies and one photo stories to share with beneficiary and other stakeholders. 23) Mainstreaming the main activities into the commune investment plan and provide the commune council capacity.
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