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Project Category
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Project Description
The Believers Multipurpose Co-operative was formed in 2007 under the Co-operative Society Act. The main purpose is to improve economic welfare of its members by utilizing their united funds and efforts for better taking, processing and marketing fresh fruits and vegetables and developing of livestock and performance of services for its members in the most economical way. Since 2007 the society continues to engage in coconut oil processing on a very small scale. The public s response has been encouraging. Customers express their satisfaction with the quality of the oil and the demand for the oil is tremendous and growing. This projects is one in which value is added, where job creation is initiated and where the project in due time will be self-sustained as an income generating business. An assessment conducted by the Board of Directors identified that the lack of equipment resulted in low production. However, at present, the project lacks capital to increase capacity. Through this grant requested from GEF SGP, the society seeks to build capacity for sustainable use of the resources available. The Believers Multipurpose Co-operative is requesting funding for equipment to enable increase production of virgin oil and to explore and research other uses of the coconut and other components of the nut and tree to go into production of other products such as brooms, straw mats, animal feed and compost material. Through capacity and skill development the membership and coconut growers will be more capable in sustainable development initiatives and overall functioning of the cooperative and management of the project to grow into a successful and replicable business with potential for up-scaling into a country wide business. 1.4 DESCRIPTION OF \PROJECT ACTIVITIES Project Activity 1, - Purchase and setting up of equipment for processing oil and other products Activity 2: Environmental education sessions for members and other partners Skills training workshops for other products booms, composting, 10 Activity 3 -Capacity building sessions for membership Activity 4 - Outreach and Knowledge Management documentation and dissemination of information on project, GEF SGP sponsorship, organization and benefits of project activities to environment protection and enhancement Activity 5 - Marketing of products both locally and internationally Activity 6 - Monitoring and evaluation activities Activity 7 - Educational session on the benefits of the product Equipment will be ordered within the first month of receipt of funding. This purchase transaction is expected to take a maximum of six months. Upon receipt, the equipment will be installed by a team specialist within the cooperative. Production is expected to expand at almost immediately. Also, conduct promotions via radio, television, brochures, major media houses, in-store promotion and other means. Sourcing new local and overseas markets Providing monthly and quarterly reports to ensure accountability Doing ongoing training and knowledge based programs with members, farmers and resource persons in the community Propagating of planting materials which also grant soil conservation and availability of raw materials Also, waste materials will be processed and used as organic manure for plants and nutrients in the soil To provide yearly operational reports to funding agencies/other stakeholders as may be required Expert analysis of the operation of the business to ensure viability The Believers Multipurpose Co-operative has a membership of 29, 12 youth and 18 older persons and meets regularly to discuss plans and activities. Members have equal opportunities to contribute and participate in the decision making of the organization. The co-operative currently source dried coconuts for oil production from the members and farmers from the community. As production increases, more farmers will be contracted to provide dried coconuts. Information on the project and knowledge of the farmers will be exchanged during consultations and community/farmers meetings, in the outreach programme. Training will be provided to members and prospective members of the cooperative to ensure that quality standards are met. A team of members worked closely in developing the project document with input from the general membership and other resource persons. A project management committee will be established to oversee the implementation of the project and a monitoring and evaluation committee will be formed to include members and other technical and lay members of society. Small businesses in the different communities will be the first outlets for the products as the society will seek to attract and increase business opportunities for the wider community. These small business operators will be exposed to some training in marketing and customer service in our marketing and capacity building activities. Risks to Successful Implementation (0.5 pages) The successful implementation of the project is exposed to the risk mainly of natural disasters or severe inclement weather conditions which could delay delivery of equipment ordered overseas, or destroy coconut trees. Other risks could be impact of disease on coconuts and competition from other products and producers. In addition, injury to workers and ill health of workers may contribute to risks. The implementation plan will be adjusted to proceed to undertake other planned activities if equipment delivery is delayed. The group plans to undertake a coco
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