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Project Category
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Project Description
Glycyrrhiza, locally called sweet grass, is a valuable medicinal plant in Mongolia which is currently under a serious threat to extinct. There is about half the total amount of Glycyrrhiza s resources of Mongolia in the southern sums of Bayanhongor province. During the past socialist period, the Government had paid a considerable attention to conserve and cultivate this plant naturally. However, over the last 15 years this plant has been under serious destruction by outsiders and even by local communities themselves to make some money for their survival in the current severe economic transition period. The project is to support targeted community activities on conservation, rehabilitation and cultivation of Glycyrrhiza which is currently under illegal severe destruction near Orog lake in Bogd sum with additional intention to fix sand shift as well as to control desertification in the area. Some 200 ha area is now under community control. To experience more productive outcomes in rehabilitating/re-planting Glycyrrhiza and in supporting natural growth, some 6 ha area has been taken under a strict community control by fencing some sections where needed. Artificial seeding of Glycyrrhiza and other plants took place in 2003 and 2004. Two hand wells were dug by the local community to water seeded fields and willow seedlings planted. Growth or survival rate is satisfactory. The local Government has been studying possibilities of making this area as a locally protected area. The NC has provided necessary sample documents to issue an official decision. Advice is given to local authorities that sustainable harvesting must take place here. Before Glycyrrhiza gets to old, it should be harvested to support livelihoods of locals. Prevention of outsiders intervention is essential to conserve Glycyrrhiza.
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