Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
A result of the significant use of toxic and chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the North shuna in the northern Jordan Valley, the need to provide a healthy source of food for the local communityand the lack of agricultural natural products in the local market, bab al salam society saw the need to create a new agricultural model that is applicable by local farmers. The society cooperation with the Integrated ecosystem Management in the Jordan Rift Valley have a contribution to a distinctive role in the protection of nature and wildlife. The project aims to: 1. raise awareness among the members of the society and farmers on the organic production techniques and its environmental importance. 2. Building local capacity in the field of organic production techniques. 3. prepare Natural agricultural products, which contribute to improving the income of the society members and create new local jobs Opportunities. these objectives will be applied through several activities such as training workshops, seminars, farm days, field visits, prepare a marketing plan, preparation of publications about some of the products, and the use of organic production techniques and finally participate in agricultural exhibitions. It is worth mentioning that the project will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers that affect the sustainability of agricultural land productivity in addition to the many environmental problems by encouraging the agricultural productivity by using organic fertilizers prepared from agricultural and animal waste to produce a vegetables naturally free of chemical contaminants and will also work on raise the income of individuals by set up a workshop to prepare agricultural products and manufacture some of them such as okra, mallow, pickles, as well as milling, packaging and other food products.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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