Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
1.0 Problem Droughts over the past decade have posed a serious threat to sustainable management of biodiversity in Fombe Ward. The combination of droughts, food shortages and the prevailing harsh macro-economic environment has resulted in life becoming very difficult for households in the Ward. Some community members have resorted to overharvesting reeds, ilala, fish and wildlife for their subsistence and commercial purposes. Survival options such as stream bank cultivation and gold panning along rivers have led to high rates of soil erosion and the destruction of wildlife habitats along the rivers. The Fombe community lacks the economic and technical capacity to for sustainable management of biodiversity. Interventions are needed to empower the community to adopt technologies that reduce over-exploitation of biodiversity and to diversify energy resources. 2.0 Project Goal The primary goal of this project is to achieve sustainable management of biodiversity in Fombe Ward 3.0 Objectives a) Building the capacity of communities in Fombe to harvest water from the Kaerezi River and use it to support food production in order to reduce pressure on biodiversity. b) Developing interventions that will enable households to use Jatropha CL as a source of bio-fuel for household cooking and lighting. 4.0 Project activities Activities for Objective 1 Carrying out a Tacky Survey of Chimusasa Garden and producing the Design for conveying water. Molding bricks for constructing for main tank, canals and pump house Constructing Uptake structure to support lowering and raising of pump Constructing the main Tank, Canals and foundations for the solar panels Training farmers on conservation agriculture; and growing cover crops e.g. cassava, bananas & sugar cane. Activities for Objective 2 Mobilizing and processing JCL Seed Purchasing materials for and making proto-type lamps and stoves Field trials and training on bio-fuels and use of lamps and stoves 5.0 Project Results Greater sense of commitment from members as they contribute resources and labour. Empowerment of project members as their capacity is developed. Solid foundation is laid for the irrigation project. Community members accept and adopt JCL oil as a paraffin substitute for lighting and cooking. Information and knowledge is disseminated throughout the project membership Project members are encouraged to grow more Jatropha as a hedge around homes and fields.
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