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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
1.0 Problem When CIRAD handed over the Chivaraidze Game Ranch (CGR) to Chiriwo ward in 2003, the ward had constituted and registered the Chivaraidze GR Cooperative Company (GRC Coop) whose organisational structure has an elected Board and an appointed management team consisting of a manager, finance officer, clerk, game and security guards. Whilst the ranch is popular with the Chiriwo community, the management function fell short of meeting the twin objectives of wildlife conservation and improving local livelihoods. CGR Cooperative is facing significant challenges in the following spheres: Corporate governance membership holding executive management accountable to performance criteria, Enterprise development and management, Protecting and monitoring wildlife, vegetation and water resources, Repairing and maintaining essential capital assets, Cropping and selling game meat to the community. Establishing a productive joint venture with a private sector operator. PNT has undertaken a full project evaluation and noted that: Elected CGR Cooperative Board members lack training in corporate governance; CGR Cooperative management lacks specialised training in wildlife and conservation enterprise development and management; The CG Ranch has fewer game scouts and fence minders than planned and poachers have cut sections of the ranch s fencing resulting in some of the wildlife escaping from the ranch. Uncontrolled burning has occurred during winter destroying vegetation and depriving wildlife of vital pasture. Solar panels powering borehole engines at artificial watering points were stolen and putting the wildlife at greater risk during the hottest months of year. The ranch has not generated intended benefits to pay workers wages, repair its butchery, land rover, tractor, motor bike, welding machine and to replace stolen solar panels. Game meat supply from CGR is now quite rare. Fundamentally, project facilitation in the area of capacity building was weak. The project faces collapse unless that problem is urgently addressed. 2.0 Project Goal The capacity of the Chivaraidze Game Ranch (CGR) Cooperative to contribute to local livelihoods through conservation and sustainable use of wildlife and natural resources enhanced. 3.0 Objectives 1. Effective governance of the CGR Cooperative Company 2. Improved capacity of the CGR Coop to manage the ranch. 3. Improved capacity of CGR Coop to protect and monitor wildlife, vegetation and water resources 4. Shortcomings in CGR Coop s capacity to maximize livelihood benefits to the local community addressed 5. Community ranch rehabilitated 4.0 Project activities focus on awareness raising and training to improve the CGR Cooperative governance and to internalise principles and practices that assure transparency and accountability of the Coop Board. The Board management will be trained to function operationally and to manage its executive staff. The staff will be trained to manage and maintain ranch resources and its conservation and enterprise activities. The joint venture partnership will also receive attention to ensure the respective roles and responsibilities are known and capable of being delivered. The project would help restore capital assets and equipment and ensure that systems are set up for their maintenance. Finally, the project would establish monitoring systems to track governance, management, conservation and enterprise. 5.0 Project Results Stronger & effective corporate governance is operational at CGR Indicators: training reports M plan & report. Improved capacity within the CGR to manage the ranch as a conservation-linked business Indicators: training reports Improved capacity within the CGR to protect and monitor wildlife, vegetation and water resources Indicators: asset register, maintenance plan, training report, restocking & wildlife population report Improved solutions addressing shortcomings in CGR s capacity in order to maximize livelihood benefits to the local community Indicators: reports, quota, distribution of wildlife benefits Experience documented & shared within community, district, campfire Association and national and regional CBNRM forums. Indicators: reports, documents, distribution list
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