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Project Category
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Project Description
Based on VRA assessment conducted on 27 April 2011with the participation of 67 villagers, 30 female, 2 community representatives, 8 local authorities, from Lvear, Sangke, and Uppama villages, a project proposal is developed to respond to the problems facing local communities. According to the VRA findings, most villagers in the target area face with several negative impacts of CC including severe water shortage for irrigation and for livestock raising, particularly after prolonged drought. In addition to limited access to farmland, traditional farming practices, poor soil, and inappropriate application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides result in soil degradation and rice yield drops to below 2.3 tonnes per hectare, and this has led to food shortage almost every year, (See appendix 3). To respond to the issues identified above, the project will help mitigate the challenges facing local people, particularly the poor farmers and women headed households, through the implementation of below initiatives: 1. Rehabilitation, in collaboration with Prey Veng provincial DoWRAM, of a canal, 2,100m long, top width 6m, bottom width 2, and 2 m depth, to hold water for wet season rice irrigation over 962.64 ha by 320 households in Sean Kvear commune; 2. Establishment of a canal management committee for the three target villages of 6 members, 2 female, to manage the canal and water allocation, conflict resolution, and maintenance of the planted trees, and management of the rice bank; 3. The project will provide training on improved agriculture for 260 target participants, 45 female, with climate resistant rice strains received from various provincial Departments of Agriculture (DOA) and in close collaboration with Prey Veng DoA. Moreover, the project will provide integrated agriculture technologies, including household vegetable, chicken, duck, pig, fish farming along with composting techniques; and 4. Selection of 40 households to pilot 4 new rice strains promoted by MAFF, and establishment of a rice bank for the commune to contribute to sharing new rice seeds to farming in both inside and outside of the target area. In implementing the initiatives, the project will work closely with DoA, DoWRAM, local authorities, and NGOs to ensure capacity to adapt to CC is built in the area. The project will raise awareness in 13 target villages on CC and its impacts and therefore community preparedness for eventual consequences of the CC. Awareness on adverse effects of chemical application and their appropriate use will also be raised and with the message to promote application of manure and compost. 1.2 Goal To reduce vulnerability of the communities in 13 villages in Seang Kveang commune, Kamchay Mea district, Prey Veng province, to droughts and enhance their capacity to adapt to change in rainfall pattern. 1.3 Expected outcome Outcome 1: Vulnerability of 2,246 local villagers, 1,141 women, in 3 villages of Seang Kveang commune, to CC reduced through the more effective management and use of water for an improved agriculture production from a rehabilitated canal, 2,100 m long, bottom width 2m, top width 6m and depth 2m; and Outcome 2: Rice yield by 260 farmers, at least 100 women, in 13 villages in Seang Kveang commune, increased from 2.3 to 4 tonnes per hectare from application of new variety and their application of knowledge gained from training provided by the project. 1.4 Main expected outputs: Output 1.1 (Outcome 1): A canal management committee established with 6 members, 2 female, to monitor the canal rehabilitation process, and management of water allocation and conflict solution, and management of planted trees and rice bank; Output 1.2 (Outcome 1): A canal 2,100 m long, 2 m bottom width, 6m top width, and 2 m depth, dredged by the end of March 2012 and used as a main water supply for Seang Kveang commune to irrigate 962.64 ha rice by 2,246 farmers, 1,141 female, from 580 households in 3 villages including Uppama, Lvea and Sangke villages; Output 1.3 (Outcome 1): By the end of May 2012, 1,350 saplings planted on the dike to help protect the dike from erosion and also to provide shade; Output 2.1 (Outcome 2): 10 three-day trainings on improved rice farming delivered for 260 participants, at least 100 female, from 13 villages in Seang Kveang, each training for 26 participants; Output 2.2 (Outcome 2): Knowledge gained from training applied by 40 households selected from among 260 participants; Output 2.3 (Outcome 2): A rice bank established, in which 260 households participate, to ensure sufficient stock of rice for use in the community; Output 2.4 (Outcome 2): Reduction of vulnerability to CC monitored and assessed after 1 year project implementation; and Output 2.5 (Outcome 2): End of the project evaluation done by an independent consultant to provide a reflection of results and performance of the project overall for submission to donor. 1.4 Major project activities Output 1.1 (Outcome 1): Activities - Public meetings, a day in each of 3 villages - Lvea, Uppama and Sangke to identify criteria for selection of 6 members, 2 female, for canal management committee in Seang Kveang commune and raise awareness of the project objectives; - One day meeting to select canal management committee with the participation of local authority and beneficiaries, with the endorsement to the result by the local authorities and provincial DoWRAM; and - 3-day training to strengthen capacity of the selected committee members on cana
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