Project Category
Project Category
Environmental policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
Cherbiling is source of more than 25 spring water that spread over 10,000 population of Radi, Phongmey and Shongphu gewog which than flow in the Gamri River. It is elevated at the height of 2500 MASL. Currently there are 85 households whose 40% of the pasture land during winter and mid-summer is depended. Every year we are experiencing increase in population which than intensify the capacity of the grazing land. As a result, the population is affected from natural disasters like increasing erosion, flood, deforestation, drying of water sources and gully formation. Also, the good chunk of population of downstream are affected due to erosion and flooding of their arable land (agriculture land and community forest) which result to decrease in the productivity of the land. Moreover, we can see the Yudiri River and Dungri River which sourced from cherbiling is increasing its base due to excessive and lack of interventions in the Cherbiling area. These two rivers are considered as the main tributaries that contribute to thunderous and glooming of Gamri River. The situation is very much likely to continue which one day we may have to sacrifice the grazing lands which will than affect our nomadic livelihoods contributing to increase in existing poverty of 15% in the Merak Gewog. With increase in population, it exerts supplementary pressure on grazing land causing degradation of Cherbiling landscape and contributing to non-sustainability of livelihood for nomadic herders. Moreover, the residents of downstream (Gamri watershed) were heavily affected due to forest degradation at water sources of Gamri water tributaries in Cherbiling. Totally, there are more than 12 water sources in Cherbiling that roar with brown colour which grinds down top soil darkening the Gamri water every summer. According to the oral story passed down, the vegetation around water sources seems to be fading and spring water drying away. There are many birds and other wildlife that feeds on aquatic flora and fauna. Many are found missing or reduced in number due to habitat loss by human activities. The main objective of the project will be: To rehabilitate critical water sources and degraded areas. To reduce fuel wood consumption enhancing efficient cooking energy. Restoration of barren areas with fodder species to reduce insufficiency of fodder. Supply of environment-friendly roofing materials like CGI sheet to reduce deforestation and pressure on natural resources. To improve access and sanitation to safe drinking water and to formulate community-based drinking water regulation enhancing aquatic flora and fauna in pristine state.
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Our Reference Number
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